Sign From the Heavens Greets Covenant Christian School Survivors

On March 27 of this year, a transgender individual named Audrey Hale entered Covenant Christian School and killed three kids and three adults.

Now, one month later, students and family taking part in a celebration of life and memorial service were greeted with a double rainbow.

The service took place at the First Chapel at the school in Nashville, Tennessee as students, parents, and survivor families gathered to remember the lives lost and pray to God.

Heartbreaking Loss of Life

The three children killed during the attack were just nine years old. They were Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, and Evelyn Dieckhaus.

Dieckhaus lost her life pulling the fire alarm to give people time to get to safety and these children are Christian martyrs of the highest order.

Among the adult fatalities were substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, school employee Mike Hill, 61, and principal Katherine Koonce.

The massacre left the entire region shocked and saddened; this memorial was brightened by the signs of hope in the sky.

The True Meaning of the Rainbow

Those at the service said the double rainbow was like a sign from God saying he was there with them, loving and caring for them.

In Genesis Chapter 8, Verse 2, God gave a powerful sign to Noah after the flood, showing a rainbow as a sign of promise and divine mercy. The true meaning of the rainbow is a symbol of hope and divine mercy.

The fact that it appeared at this ceremony is truly moving and replaces all kinds of other uses of the rainbow by non-loving, non-inclusive groups.

Better Days Ahead

The speaker at the memorial mentioned the resurrection of Christ and this is what gives people hope even in the wake of horrific tragedy.

Everyone hurt by the March massacre is in America’s prayers. This double rainbow represents a doubly stronger faith and the promise that better days are ahead.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.