Sixth Week of Incommunicado: Fetterman’s Psych Ward Stay Extended

There’s been an enigmatic absence of Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), age 53, from public appearances since his admission to the psychiatry ward.

He remains at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland since February 15 for purported treatment of severe clinical depression.

Fetterman’s current status raised more questions than answers. Not a single piece of footage or clip featuring Fetterman’s vocalization or movement has emerged from the institution since his admission.

Carefully crafted pictures disseminated by Fetterman’s entourage

In the interim, Fetterman’s entourage, comprised of his wife Gisele and a select few of his top aides, only disseminated a handful of carefully crafted photos portraying his continued existence and reasonable cognition.

Despite the absence of tangible evidence, Gisele and others in Fetterman’s inner circle have attested to his well-being, albeit without concrete substantiation.

A purportedly recent photograph, disseminated on March 6 by Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson, depicts Sen. John Fetterman seemingly receiving a briefing on the Senate’s affairs.

This is sans his eyeglasses and the customary audio transcription device he utilizes to assist with his hearing, which has been impaired due to a previous stroke.

Meanwhile, the most up-to-date picture of Fetterman, captured outdoors at Walter Reed, was posted by Gisele a mere seven days ago.

Incidentally, Gisele shared another image of herself clad in nightwear at Walter Reed, ostensibly to emphasize her presence by her ailing husband’s side, a fact that appears to hold more significance to her than relocating to Canada.

Sen. Schumer provided his take on Fetterman’s Hiatus

The timeline for Fetterman’s release from the psychiatric ward remains obscure.

His spokesperson, Joe Calvello, apprised the Associated Press on Thursday that Fetterman’s discharge is not anticipated for at least another week, with no definitive date set as yet.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer provided his take on Fetterman’s extended hiatus during a recent news conference. When pressed about the timeline for Fetterman’s return, Schumer demurred, citing the imperative to afford Fetterman the required time to convalesce.

While acknowledging that other senators have taken time off to recover, Schumer voiced his confidence that Fetterman would ultimately rejoin the Senate’s ranks and carry on as a top-notch, exemplary senator.

Fetterman’s spokesperson, Joe Calvello, expressed optimism that Fetterman’s recovery is progressing well and he will be back soon; though precisely when that will be, remains an open question.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.