Sleepy Joe Tries to Mock Trump Amid Abysmal Job Numbers

Joe Biden has tried to turn around the latest abysmal job creation report by blaming Trump and other members of the Republican Party.

Biden’s Malarkey

The US economy created only 199,000 new jobs in the month of December, against a forecast for 422,000 new jobs.

That is the second month in a row in which the economy created fewer than half of the projected number of jobs.

The horrible effects of inflation, the energy crisis, the supply chain crisis, and debilitating vaccination mandates are crystal clear to the average American.

That has been reflected in Biden’s falling approval ratings, which are hovering around 40%, according to left-leaning pollsters.

On Friday, Biden described as “malarkey” any Republican criticism regarding his impacts on the economy and the supply chain.

He then oddly claimed his $1.9 trillion spending bill has actually made economic recovery “happen”.

Barely  seven to eight months after the American Rescue Plan passed in November 2021, America saw its highest inflation in 40 years at 6.2%.

According to Sleepy Joe, however, Republicans are attacking him over the inflation and the supply chain crisis because of their eagerness to “talk down the recovery.”

In his view, that is caused by the fact that no Republican voted to support his “great” American Rescue Plan.

Empty Shelves Joe then became really grotesque. He attempted to ridicule the Republicans, as well as President Donald Trump, over their criticism and warnings about his administration, which have actually proven very truthful and credible.

A grinning Biden declared that not only didn’t the Grinch “steal Christmas,” but he also didn’t steal “any votes.”

This was a reference to the lingering suspicions of electoral fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

GOP Just ‘Jealous’ – of Biden-flation

Biden expectedly touted the official unemployment figure, even though it counts those who reported as unemployed and not the actual unemployment rate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2021, unemployment declined to 3.9%,, down from 4.2% in the month of November.

Empty Shelves Joe boasted this is the “sharpest one-year drop” of the unemployment rate in US history; never mind that real unemployment might be substantially higher.

Biden also shared his own response to well-founded criticism that Americans are increasingly quitting their jobs and/or unwilling to work because they are able to collect Democrat government handouts.

According to Sleepy Joe, the latest jobs report shows Americans aren’t quitting the work force, but are “moving up to better jobs” where they get “better pay and benefits.”

In his view, there are no employees who refuse to work, but just employees able to climb up the economic ladder so they can provide better for their families.

Biden even went so far as to declare that America is presently undergoing precisely the kind of recovery, which he promised.

That seems to be clearly ignoring the fact that Biden’s ratings keep declining. A huge part of public disapproval of him focuses on his economic failures.