Small Businesses Now Struggling to Find Qualified Employees

"Business DIstrict, Wyoming, Illinois" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by myoldpostcards

Small businesses are vital to America and the U.S. economy. Without small businesses, communities would miss so many vital goods and services; there would also be significantly fewer employed individuals.

Unfortunately, small businesses have taken some severe hits over the past year since shutdowns began. Even to this day, as some places reopen, Democrat governors and mayors are working hard to prevent the reopening process.

“Business District, Wyoming, Illinois” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by myoldpostcards

Although, for certain small businesses in the nation, issues extend beyond lockdowns. According to Washington Examiner, there is a wave of small businesses now struggling to find qualified employees to work for them.

A Labor Shortage in the U.S. Economy?

As communities across the United States open for business, there are still certain problems that have to be worked out. For many small business owners, these problems entail a lack of prospects to take available positions. Sadly, this is making it tougher for these small businesses to get back on their feet and fully recover from lockdowns.

The National Federation of Independent Business Uncertainty (NFIB) says that there are two situations that are strong factors in the labor shortage experienced by small businesses.

The first factor involves concerns that certain unvaccinated Americans may have about fully getting back out and about. The other factor is the reality that many Americans are getting jobless aid set to last for months on end; of course, this significantly disincentivizes Americans against getting back to work.

According to the NFIB, small businesses are likelier to struggle with finding new hires than their bigger counterparts. This is because larger employers typically have a more liberal budget to compensate their workers.

True Relief for Small Businesses

The labor shortage details above are all the more reason why ongoing stimulus checks and unemployment aid does not truly help Americans or the U.S. economy. In fact, the aforementioned shortage of workers experienced by small businesses is something that conservatives warned about long ago in regards to all these stimulus check handouts.

Democrats, at this time, are calling for another round of stimulus checks and for these payments to be recurring. If this happens, it will be a nightmare that drives more small businesses out of the workforce. As Republicans have stated for so long, the best stimulus and relief is getting Americans back to work and into the labor force.

This cannot happen if the U.S. federal government is paying people to sit home and not work.

Are you shocked to hear about the labor shortage that small businesses are suffering? Do you believe the stimulus checks have disincentivized Americans from getting back into the labor force? Let us know in the comments section below.