Social Distancing Rules May Change According to COVID-19 Risk Levels

"White House Press Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

While American leaders and health officials lead the fight against coronavirus, the people of this nation are being encouraged to take certain precautions as well.

Staying home when sick, avoiding direct contact with other people, cleaning more often, and social distancing are some of the presently recommended CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, as the fight against the virus continues, specific guidelines may be altered in accordance with the applicable risk factor faced by certain counties.


Yesterday, President Trump informed the country that his administration is working on sharing possible changes to social distancing recommendations; these changes will depend upon whether counties have low, medium, or high risk of COVID-19 contraction, reports Fox News.

What to Know About Potential Social Distancing Changes

During his remarks, the president confirmed that work to combat coronavirus is “paying dividends” in spite of the “long battle” that remains. Part of that work entails getting a more concentrated analysis of coronavirus and determining which counties across states are more vulnerable to the virus.

With the more concentrated analysis will come “new guidelines” for officials at state and local levels to follow. These guidelines will promote either stricter or more relaxed social distancing recommendations, depending on which areas have a higher or lower danger of COVID-19.

Yesterday, Trump also affirmed that “robust surveillance testing” is forthcoming and will assist with tracking the spread of coronavirus in America.

What to Expect from Social Distancing Changes

Social distancing changes in accordance with risk levels of coronavirus come at an interesting time. Earlier this week, President Trump expressed a desire to reopen the country, preferably by Easter. Likewise, the president has confirmed that parts of America which remain shut down will not stay this way for months and months to come.


While the president takes on coronavirus, he continues reiterating the need to preserve our economy in the process. As reports of unemployment claims and job loss increase, Trump maintains that workers will bounce back following the defeat of coronavirus.

Are you looking forward to the new social distancing guidelines which will take COVID-19 risk levels into account? How do you view the Trump administration’s work to take on coronavirus? Let us know in the comments section below!