Socialists, Wokeism Are Taking Over America, Whole Foods Founder Raises Alarm

John Mackey, the founder and outgoing CEO of Whole Foods, raised the alarm about “socialists” and wokeists taking over “everything” in the United States of America.

Communists Descending Upon America

Amid the anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist crusade, there have been relatively fewer voices from corporate America who have dared to be honest and expose the invasion.

Given the desire of the many corporate officials to climb up the professional ladder, the big business sector may actually be far less included to resist Marxist-Communist infiltration.

This comes as a staggering number of executives seem to prefer to go with the flow, instead of speaking out against the injustices that the “social justice warriors” are committing on a daily basis by pursuing their oftentimes nauseating agendas.

On the other hand, though, wokeism in corporate America is becoming more and more overt. This is oftentimes leading indignant consumers to abandon brands to which they may have stayed loyal for years or decades under any other circumstances.

(Whole Foods)

They Are ‘Marching’ Through the American Institutions

A particularly chilling warning about communists infiltrating and taking over American businesses has been issued by 68-year-old John Mackey, the man who founded Whole Foods exactly 42 years ago.

Mackey blasted what he said was a shift toward wokeism happening in major Democrat-run cities across America, such as New York City. In these places, the young communists espousing such anti-American theories “don’t seem to want to work.”

The outgoing CEO of Whole Foods declared he is concerned that “socialists are taking over” in an interview for Reason magazine cited by The Daily Mail.

He tried to explain to youngsters – who in his words only want jobs that they consider themselves “passionate about” – that one “can’t hope” to begin his or her career “with meaningful work” right away.

Mackey’s warning about communist wokeists taking over corporations, education, and even the US military focused most of all on the fact that the “liberties” that he has been taking for granted throughout his life are now being “threatened.”

He didn’t hide his amazement to see woke Marxists-Communists “marching through the [American] institutions.” The Whole Foods founder emphasized that he is a believer in “liberty and capitalism” as his core “twin values.”

However, he feels that in today’s America, there is a lefty crackdown on the freedom of speech, as well as gun rights. All of this is happening as part of the radical leftist movement.

Mackey, whose company was bought out by Amazon for $13 billion in 2017, has been raising alarm about wokeism and far-left progressivism for years now.

He has been characterizing capitalism as the “greatest” invention of humanity, and socialism – or Marxism-Communism – as creating impoverishment throughout history across the world.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.