Soros Gobbles Up Big Far-Left Media Group in Latest Anti-US Onslaught

Marxist-Communist billionaire and America-hater George Soros progressed further in his crusade against humanity, truth, decency, democracy, and the United States of America.

He is moving to devour Vice Media, a far-left business group that was already highly effective in brainwashing American youth into woke leftism.

Vice Becoming Vicious

Vice Media Group, best known for the news websites Vice News and Motherboard, has been around for a while.

Even though it was valued, at one point, at almost $6 billion, on Monday, Vice Media announced it filed for a “Chapter 11” bankruptcy. This would allow a consortium of its three creditors to buy it out in a $225 million bid.

Quite naturally, the consortium features Soros Fund Management, one of the vicious billionaire’s many endeavors to which much of the evil in today’s America can be traced back.  The other entities are Monroe Capital and Fortress Investment.

Vice Media has been in financial trouble for years, in spite of a restricting and layoffs program over the past few months. It has been struggling to attract a buyer, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Getting Destroyed by the Woke Agenda

Besides providing a credit of $225 million as the main purchase price for Vice Media Group, the Soros-led consortium is going to give the media company a cash injection of $20 million.

That money is supposed to keep Vice going for the duration of the purchase proceedings, which might take up to three months, according to the company’s announcement.

In March, there were reports that Vice hired a “restructuring guru” to try to fix its ailing finances while it was seeking out a buyer.

Now, the buyer has been found in the face of the very same billionaire lending it money. Hence, it’s reasonable to expect that Vice’s publications will become even more viciously anti-American, anti-conservative, and anti-human.

The report points out the trouble of leftist media signifies that Americans are increasingly “rejecting the woke agenda.” Last month, another far-left media, Buzzfeed, saw itself forced to close down its news division.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.