St. Louis Doorbell Videos Show Woman Continuously Harassing Family

For an entire year, the Suarez family had to suffer through continued attempts at harassment. It came from a woman who visited their home to insult them, steal their mail, and inflict damage upon their property.

However, it wouldn’t be long before the family would get back at the hateful neighbor. Video footage from their doorbell cam soon went viral on social media, gaining the attention of millions.

St. Louis family files criminal charges against woman harassing them

Soon after, the family got a sliver of relief.

The Circuit Attorney’s office stated the warrant application related to the case has been elevated, confirming that Judy Kline was charged on three accounts of criminal behavior, including unlawful use of a weapon.

It’s more than likely that the TikTok video had a huge influence on the court’s decision. One video from the doorbell camera shows her wielding a hammer and screaming racist remarks at the Suarez family members.

Among other things she’d said, she also claimed they’re in her home, demanding they leave; although none of the Suarez family members know her or why she thinks they’re invading her home.

In a statement she’d given for media channels, Fatima Suarez said she feels thankful for the effect her post on social media had, adding that she never believed it would blow up as much as it did.

Deranged woman attacks neighbors

Police reports show that Kline visited the home on January 5th this year. She used a hammer to bust open a basement door window and break into the house, where Fatima’s father was babysitting her four-year-old sister.

When Kline entered the house, she started yelling insults at the man, all the while swinging a hammer over her head, which resulted in her arrest.

She was charged with aggravated assault, attempted burglary, and inflicting property damages. This is an upgrade compared to every other time Kline harassed the Suarez family. The police would only detain her for a day or two before she came back.

Despite the charges, Fatima fears Kline will eventually return to harass her family once again. Considering that St. Louis Metropolitan police no longer have her in custody, that’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Naturally, Kline didn’t respond to the dozens of requests for comment on the situation, likely because she’s fully aware she’s in the wrong here.

Suarez added she’s been sending the videos to law enforcement in the area for a while now, but they’d refused to act on it, despite Kline posing a threat to the safety of the Suarez family and their property.

If they’re lucky, the Suarez family won’t be hearing from Kline any time soon. With proper sentencing, she won’t get the chance to harass them anyway.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.