Starbucks Worker Places Tampon in Police Officer’s Coffee

"Starbucks" (Public Domain) by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine

Police officers continue to come under attack from the vicious left and people who have been socially conditioned to hate law enforcement. Rioters, looters, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, and other organized criminals continue spreading lies about officers. They claim that police are systemically racist and should, therefore, be defunded and abolished.


Unfortunately, police officers continue paying the price for the left’s hatred of them. Earlier this month, a Shake Shack employee placed bleach in officers’ beverages; both officers were subsequently taken to the emergency room and set to recover.

Now, yet another attack has happened on an officer. Washington Examiner reports that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a situation where an officer had a bloody tampon placed inside his coffee from Starbucks.

Everything You Need to Know About What Happened

While visiting a Diamond Bar-based Starbucks, a Los Angeles police officer discovered a used tampon inside of his ordered coffee about halfway through consuming its content. Because the officer used the debit card from his police credit union, the sheriff’s department is presently tracing and investigating the matter.

Since this shockingly vile and disgusting incident, the Los Angeles Police Protective League has called for the responsible individual to be publicly held accountable. This includes exposure, termination from their job, arrest, and legal prosecution.

Based on available video footage from the Starbucks, the police officer is seen returning to alert workers of what happened to his coffee. Thus far, the responsible individual has yet to come forward or be found out. One can only hope that this changes in the days ahead as Los Angeles law enforcement investigates the crime.

Do you think the individual who chose to place a bloody tampon inside a police officer’s drink should be held accountable? How much time do you think the LAPD will need to get to the bottom of this? Share your thoughts with us down below in the comments section.