Supreme Court Delayed Abortion Case Verdict

The US Supreme Court delayed announcing the verdict of the landmark Roe vs. Wade abortion case, ahead of possible violence in the country.

As the decision was expected to be announced on Monday, far-left pro-abortion groups blocked the intersection in front of the Supreme Court to pressure the judiciary for a favorable outcome.

Delayed Verdict of the Abortion Case

Although the court’s verdict on the high-profile abortion case has further been prolonged, it is likely to be announced in late June or early July.

The most pressing issue disturbing the court right now is the source of the leak of the documents, which tarnished the image of the institution.

Earlier last month, the chief justice asserted all the elements trying to undermine the court’s operations would fail; the judiciary will not be impacted by any dark motive. 

He further noted this data breach worries Americans to the extent they have started losing faith in the court’s transparency.

Now, the court is trying to speed up the process of finding the culprit of the leak as soon as possible.

An official familiar with the court’s proceedings told Fox News they are gathering the cellphone data of the Supreme Court’s clerks to reach the troubling culprit.

However, it still remains unclear if all the clerks will comply; some of them can even seek legal protection against the release of their personal data.

Liberal Groups Blocked Intersection to Stop Judges

Amidst all of this, pro-choice groups started gathering outside the Supreme Court on Monday, expecting to trigger violence in case the court announced any verdict.

Although the groups blocked intersections in front of the court, this blockade did not come out of the blue.

An activist group, Shut Down DC, invited liberals to come and protest outside the Supreme Court on Monday. The group asked the masses to come to Stanton Park in Washington and march towards the Supreme Court in “three groups.”

According to the website of the group, the protesters were supposed to stop judges from entering the court by blocking the intersection, so they could not announce the decision.

The protestors carried pro-abortion banners to express their disapproval regarding the possible Supreme Court decision.

This commotion could intensify in days to come as the Supreme Court moves near to the decision-making date.

The group announced “SHUT DOWN SCOTUS” in all caps on its Twitter handle and posted the calendar of the court’s meetings for June.

The group also discussed the plans for sit-ins in front of the court so the court’s proceedings could be disturbed indefinitely.

The Epoch Times also revealed the liberal group decided not to end the protests until the police use force against them; this way, the group can be seen as a victim of police brutality.

Now, as the final decision has been delayed, the group revised its strategy to continue putting pressure on the court.