Surfside Collapse – Disturbing New Details Emerge Over Scrapped Safety Regulations

The number of deaths from the deadly apartment disaster in Surfside, Florida, has increased to 86.

Meanwhile, concerns linger about a 2008 law repealed by previous Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

According to accounts, 86 people have died, with scores more still missing as rescuers resume their investigation.

Safety Regulations Slashed to Save the Building Associations Money

An NBC Miami investigation published this week outlined a Florida rule that was abolished in 2010; some researchers say this would have accelerated multimillion-dollar renovations at the Surfside apartment.

Assessments started in 2018; then, in April, the chairman of the Champlain South Tower homeowners association addressed homeowners.

The chairman specifically outlined the huge amounts of money in charges that would be required to fix major issues like reinforcement corrosion. Over $16 million was spent in total.

In 2010, a state rule mandating condo organizations to engage architects or builders to provide estimates on how much they would spend every five years to catch pace with renovations was overturned.

It’s also called a reserve study, and it estimates how much more the councils should gather from homeowners in order to plan for future repairs.

As per data received by NBC News & NBC Miami, the Champlain Towers South has not conducted a competent reserves analysis ever since 2016; moreover, its cash reserve account housed barely $777,000.

That decision was lawful, but it meant that the board, a rotating group of volunteers with minimal experience in building upkeep, was in charge of planning.

The article failed to disclose that the statute was abolished during the administration of Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), who acted as governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011. Crist has also been running for governor against Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida’s next governor’s race.

Crist approved the apartment replacement law in 2010 as part of a strategy to win Democrat voters, according to the Tallahassee Democrat:

Gov. Charlie Crist had been on the picture train Thursday, adopting the identical legislation three times in a two hour period, according to a study issued in the Palm Beach Post on June 25th, 2010.

SB 1196 was marketed as a solution to assist troubled condo associations during a downturn in the property market by eliminating some restrictions enacted in 2008.

At the bill signing festivities, Crist informed condo dwellers that the legislation was essential to him because it would allow condo owners to make decisions regarding their associations.

Details Unclear If the Bill Played Roal in Collapse

Nevertheless, because the reason for the disaster is still to be established, it is uncertain how much the removal of the legislation may have played in the building’s destruction.

The catastrophe in Surfside altered the landscape of Florida and the United States. The tales of those who have died are devastating; furthermore, the effect can be felt all around Florida and the globe.

It will be hard to overcome, but we should be there for the Surfside neighborhood every step along the way.

This week, DeSantis told reporters: