Target Chief Defends Company’s Ultra-Woke Insanity

Woke capitalism is when large companies try to sell more products and get more publicity by going woke. It is especially disturbing when woke capitalism targets kids.

Speaking of Target, this store chain is the subject of this article ever since the retail giant has come under fire for its extreme left LGBT propaganda aimed at children.

Now, Target’s CEO is defending his company saying that what they are doing is “great” and “right” to do.

Target CEO Speaks Out

The head of Target is a man named Brian Cornell. This guy was educated at UCLA and was named “top CEO” by CNN in 2019. He formerly headed up Pepsico from 2012 to 2014, a company that has used aborted cells to test and create drink flavors.

Target has been criticized for being full of LGBT kid gear, including special “tuck” underwear for trans kids. Cornell says it’s “great” for profits and it’s the morally “right” thing for his business to be doing in any case.

During a recent interview, Cornell said all the rainbow LGBT clothes and “gender fluid” things for sale in his stores are about progress and celebrating the upcoming Pride Month in June.

‘Greater Engagement’

Cornell says his woke LGBT propaganda is creating “greater engagement” and is best for his business.

The tuck swimsuits that ticked people off recently are for men who believe they are women, but still have male genitals (also known as “trans women.”)

The fact that Cornell is carrying these items even for kids is even more outrageous. Customers complained at some stores and gotnthe LGBT grooming propaganda moved back from the front areas of the store, but that’s about it.

It’s time for a full boycott of Target and any other disgusting woke, anti-American companies out there.

The Bottom Line

Never go to Target and keep every red cent away from them or any of their associated businesses and partners.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.