Teaching Activist Lands in Hot Water Over Critical Race Theory

Across the country, multiple states have taken action against critical race theory being taught in schools. It is the view of Republicans, many parents, and others throughout America that critical race theory is wrong.

The foundation of critical race theory rests on a belief that people are inherently victimized or oppressive, depending on the color of their skin. Critical race theory detractors warn that teaching this kind of bunk to young minds will only foster resentment.

However, there are some supporters of critical race theory who believe it should be taught in schools anyway. Now, it’s believed that conservative watchdog Project Veritas caught a teaching activist admitting to illegally spreading this content in Georgia, per Daily Wire.

A Confession to Breaking the Law?

While speaking with a journalist working undercover for Project Veritas, teaching activist Dr. Quintin Bostic boasted about convoluted methods that he uses to get around bans on critical race theory.

In Bostic’s own words, teaching critical race theory to young children is easy, so long as the words “critical race theory” aren’t used in the process.

The teaching activist then went on to call himself an “evil salesman” who’s found backdoor ways of peddling critical race theory in Georgia’s Fulton and Cobb Counties.

Bostic then claimed that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his wife, First Lady Marty Kemp, are “such [idiots]” for not knowing what he’s doing.

The teaching activist furthermore admitted that if he ever were found out, he’d have his business license pulled, but would still be able to find work as a consultant.

Since April 2022, Georgia has prohibited critical race theory teachings to children.

Covering His Tracks?

On social media, Project Veritas revealed the footage of Bostic openly boasting about breaking Georgia state law. Since this reveal, Bostic has coincidentally put his Twitter page on a private setting, so only those following him can view his content.

Bostic has also been placed on leave since the footage came out. However, it remains to be seen what else happens to the teaching activist and whether or not he faces additional consequences for the admissions he made on camera.

Bostic and others who are willing to take similar actions are showing disregard for not just laws against critical race theory, but also for parents who don’t want this type of ideology crammed down their children’s throats.

If schools continue to disregard the wishes of parents, there may be a rise in those who simply choose to homeschool their kids.

Are you concerned about critical race theory potentially still being taught in schools, despite laws against it in certain states? What are your thoughts about persons in education who knowingly flout these laws? You’re welcome to let us know in the comments section.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.