Team DeSantis Claps Back Against Team Trump

Since Gov. Ron DeSantis joined the 2024 presidential election, he’s been taking lots of incoming fire from former President Trump and Trump’s allies.

General talking points against DeSantis accuse him of being a “RINO” or “disloyal” for entering the race to begin with. Likewise, Trump has repeatedly claimed credit for the success DeSantis enjoys in the US political world.

However, since DeSantis is now a presidential candidate, he and his own allies are fighting back against the Trump camp, as documented by The Verge.

Not Holding Back

DeSantis and his allies have been critical of Trump’s involvement in bringing Anthony Fauci to the forefront amid America’s battle with COVID.

It’s for this reason that an attack ad against Trump contains AI-generated images that show the former president and Fauci as buddies, enjoying various activities together. On Twitter, the Community Notes tab underneath confirms that the photos in the ad are AI-generated.

Some in Trump’s camp have said DeSantis’ team went too far. However, DeSantis supporters noted that Trump’s camp has certainly used AI in order to depict the Florida governor in unflattering manners.

Likewise, supporters of the DeSantis presidential campaign are charging Trump supporters with using AI to portray Trump in overly flattering ways that aren’t akin to his real likeness.

Get Ready For More

As the 2024 GOP primary plays out, Americans can expect to see more mudslinging between DeSantis and Trump. Meanwhile, some polls indicate the Florida governor is beginning to overtake the former president in Iowa, which is a key primary state.

In the meantime, the DeSantis camp has been clear that it’ll keep making its case to the American people of why he’s the best candidate for the job.

Finally, Ron DeSantis himself is likewise calling out Trump for attacking him from the left on various policy issues.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.