Ted Cruz: Trump Has “Broken” Democrat Party

The conduct and moves of the Democrat Party have dramatically shifted since Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency. The left has not only vowed to “resist” the president, but also moved to impeach him, despite Trump’s lack of impeachable offenses. Democrats have also become significantly more radical in their policies, thus calling for the confiscation of lawful Americans’ guns, the decriminalization of illegal border crossings, and free healthcare for illegal immigrants at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

For all of these reasons and more, Democrats and progressives are regularly called out for what a considerable amount of Americans view as extremism. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently shared his own take on the Democrat Party, following the third primary debate; during his remarks on ABC News, Cruz noted that President Trump has “broken” the Democrat Party, as confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at Cruz’s Remarks

Cruz appeared on ABC News and spoke about the extent to which Democrats have regressed since Trump’s time as president. Ultimately, Cruz made the case that the Democrat Party is broken and that last week’s primary debate marked a new descent into left-wing extremism.

The senator furthermore pointed out that Democrats declined to discuss jobs or economic upturns on Thursday; instead, all they did was talk about the ways in which they plan to infringe upon Americans’ liberties and freedoms.

Cruz’s precise remarks on the brokenness of the Democrat Party read as follows:

“I think Donald Trump has broken the Democratic Party. They are defined now just by hating him. They ought to be the party of jobs. They used to be a party focused on jobs. They’re not anymore. I think Thursday night the Democrats galloped even further to the left [and] not a single Democrat talked about jobs. Not a single Democrat talked about the economy, about the fact that we’ve got the lowest African-American unemployment ever recorded.”

Self-Defeating Tactics

The most ironic thing about the Democrat Party is that they are profoundly proving to be their own undoing. Progressives think they’re taking a stand and sticking it to Trump when they advocate for far-left policies, such as open borders and kicking Americans off their private healthcare; in actuality, what the Democrat Party is doing is driving away anyone who isn’t a radical, far-leftist.

Progressives clearly despise President Trump, but the methods which they’ve chosen to employ will only ensure that the president whom they loathe so much wins a second term in office. Then again, as Cruz stated, this is something which the Democrats are unable to see because they have been utterly destroyed, defeated and broken by President Trump.

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