Tennessee Takes New Steps to Re-engage State’s Economy

"Columbia, TN Court House" (CC BY 2.0) by JakeBrewer

Various Southern states in America are taking steps to reopen their economies. Conservative fiscal policies have always been superior to “progressive” ones; as such, it makes sense that more Republicans than Democrats understand why keeping states, businesses, and economies indefinitely shut down is unworkable and dangerous.


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While Democrat governors continue their power trips and force extensions of stay home orders (despite protests and lawsuits), Republicans are gradually reopening. This is why Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced yesterday that most fitness studios and gyms in the state can resume operations on Friday, May 1, reports Washington Examiner.

Reopening the State of Tennessee

Gov. Lee, when announcing his decision, acknowledged the role that gyms and fitness centers play in “the physical and mental health of [Tennesse’s] population.” The Tennesse governor announced that guidelines for these businesses to reopen entail operating at no more than 50% capacity, keeping people six feet away from one another, and practicing social distancing with equipment.

Additionally, Gov. Lee encouraged gyms to take the temperature of those in the facilities and ask whether or not they’ve suffered from any coronavirus symptoms. On Monday, certain restaurants in Tennessee also resumed operations; likewise, today marks the point when retail establishments are permitted to open for business at a restricted capacity.

MAGA Mayday

Friday is not only the day that Tennessee gyms and fitness centers will reopen, but also the day of MAGA Mayday. On May 1, countless people across the nation will gather in protest and call for a return of the economy. The reality is that rights and freedoms do not cease to exist because of a virus with a recovery rate surpassing 90%.


There are countless Democrats using coronavirus as a means to usher in socialism and completely rewrite the very fabric of this nation. That cannot stand. Individuals who disagree with Gov. Lee’s decision and other moves to reopen the country are more than free to voluntarily stay home.

Do you agree with Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s decision to allow gyms and fitness centers to resume operations, with certain guidelines in place? Let us know in the comments section below!