Texas Elementary School Hides Horrific Abuse Case

When parents send their children to school, they do so with the expectation that their children are going to be safe, protected, and well taken care of. Unfortunately, this is increasingly not happening in schools.

Within the past several years, there are growing reports of kids being exposed to drag queens and other material that isn’t at all age appropriate. Then, there’s the ongoing push to have critical race theory implemented into various lesson plans.

Now, just as it appeared as though the situation couldn’t get any more ominous, it worsened beyond expectations. In Texas, an elementary school landed in extremely hot water for concealing a horrible abuse case, as reported by Hot Air.

A National Disgrace

It’s recently come to light that at South Elementary School, a first-grade girl was sexually assaulted by boys in her classroom. To make matters worse, the sexual assault was recorded on an iPad.

School faculty members kept the incident hidden until the girl’s parents discovered her behavior was off and decided to ask her what happened.

Now, South Elementary School has also been revealed to have not penalized the boys who assaulted her. In the aftermath of the girl’s parents discovering what happened, the school shut down and scrubbed its social media pages from the web.

South Elementary School now claims it’s still investigating the assault, despite it being recorded on an iPad and already viewed by faculty members.

Americans can expect more updates on this story in the coming weeks and months.


People remain understandably livid over what happened to this young girl and over South Elementary School intentionally hiding the assault from the authorities and the girl’s parents.

Anyone who has children in this school would do well to consider pulling them out. It’s pretty obvious right now that South Elementary School doesn’t have the protection of its students as a priority.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.