Texas Working on New Legislation for Secure Elections

"Texas capitol" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ericwg

The security of U.S. elections plays a vital role in American democracy. People need to know that their votes count and that elections will be secure, safe, and fair. Unfortunately, however, the work to secure the nation’s elections has become politicized.

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Democrats are very clear in their opposition to any bills that involve election security. The left claims that legislation like the Georgia-based S.B. 202 is based on a lie and simply about stopping minorities from voting. The same Democrats who oppose photo ID requirements for voting, however, don’t have any issues with mandatory vaccine passports.

Despite the noise from the political left, Republicans are pushing forward with the work on election security. In Texas, the GOP-controlled state Senate recently passed legislation for greater election security, as reported by Washington Examiner.

Reviewing the New Texas Bill on Election Security

Yesterday morning, the Texas Senate passed S.B. 7. The legislation garnered 18 votes in favor and 13 votes in opposition.

Within the bill are changes to mail-in voting, bans on solicitations from voting clerks, modified early voting time periods, and more. GOP officials in Texas maintain that S.B. 7 will make legal voting easier while making it significantly more challenging to cheat in elections.

At this time, the Texas House of Representatives has to vote on S.B. 7. Assuming that the legislation passes the Texas House, it will then be sent to the desk of GOP Governor Greg Abbott. The Republican governor is highly expected to sign S.B. 7 into law once it arrives on his desk.

Pushback Against S.B. 7

Corporate entities are coming out in full force against election integrity bills. Delta pushed back against Georgia’s S.B. 202 and now American Airlines has issued a statement condemning S.B. 7. Like Delta, American Airlines’ statement incorrectly asserts that Texas’ election integrity bill is about rolling back the right to vote.

Many Republicans are sounding off against the hypocrisy of corporate entities slamming bills like S.B. 202 and S.B. 7. Delta and American Airlines, for all their complaints about election integrity legislation, still mandate flyers to present photo ID; yet, somehow, the notion of Americans having to present photo ID to vote absentee is unthinkable to these corporate businesses.

Conservatives have furthermore charged that Delta and American Airlines are choosing to cater to the woke mob, rather than being honest about GOP election integrity bills.

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