Biden Administration Asks the UN to Investigate America’s Racial Issues


On Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the government requested specialists from the United Nations to conduct an official tour to the United States to examine discrimination and racial issues.

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The government has called out to arrange an official meeting by the United Nations Special Envoy on modern forms of prejudice and the United Nations Special Adviser on minority affairs as a first step, according to Blinken.

Decent countries should not be afraid to be judged on their record on human rights; instead, they must admit it and work on improving it.

Blinken has Full Support from the Biden Administration

The presidency, according to Blinken, is pleased with the United Nations’ Human Rights Council’s acceptance of a proposal to address systemic racism towards blacks and persons of African heritage in police departments.

Ever since the May 2020 killing of a black person, George Floyd, by a Minneapolis law enforcement officer, widespread protests over racial injustice, racial equality, and police viciousness against African Americans have been in the limelight in the United States. A picture of the cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck went viral.

Although many of the demonstrations were nonviolent, others devolved into violence and theft.

Several of the demonstrators demanded that law enforcement precincts be defunded; they also urged that regulations protecting police from becoming held accountable for using unnecessary force or shooting a suspect be changed.

While proponents of police defunding claim that officers employ unnecessary force and preferentially shoot black people, data shows differently.

Despite Public Opinion, Double the Amount of Unarmed Whites are Killed than Unarmed African Americans

Brandon Tatum, a police detective and professional of the BLEXIT organization, claims that one does not need to be a conspiracist to grasp this. Disarmed whites are shot by police double as often as defenseless blacks, according to data.

In 2018, the most current year in which statistics are accessible, blacks composed 53 percent of violent crimes and 60 percent of thefts in the United States; this maintains despite blacks accounting for only 13 percent of the total population.

However, the Biden administration is trying to implement the George Floyd Fairness in Enforcement Act of 2021; this cleared the Senate in March and is aimed at widespread police reform. However, discussions led by Rep. Karen Bass, Sen. Tim Scott, and Sen. Cory Booker have stalled the bill.

The draft law would prohibit police practices such as excessive force and no-knock warrants, reduce the minimum principle for convicting officers for misbehavior, establish guidelines for local police departments, and create federal standards for enforcement in an effort to increase responsibility.

This would also abolish qualified immunity, a strong security tenet that protects police officers and other government officials from civil accountability.

Nevertheless, qualified immunity has allegedly been a persistent problem throughout extensive discussions; conservatives opposing Democrats’ efforts to change or repeal this from the act.

Multiple law enforcement agencies warned that if the bill succeeds, more officers will walk off the job.