The Biden Administration Refuses to Take a Hard Line on China Over COVID-19

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China has no doubt, over the past 10 years, expanded its influence. This influence extends over much of South East Asia and Africa; its belt and road initiative are what sees the country playing a direct hand in the infrastructure development of developing nations.

The Chinese Military

“Chinese Navy Missile Frigate 548 Yiyang in St. Johns River” by AL904 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Chinese military has seen significant investment over the same time period; its army has seen massive scale modernization and troop numbers increasing to well over three million men and woman. The Chinese Airforce, that although boasts large numbers of modern jets, still lag behind the USA with a total of 3,260 aircraft compared to the USA’s 13,233 operational aircraft.

The Chinese Navy is the pride of their new military. Their Navy boasts more numbers than the United States, but not where it counts. The USA boasts 11 massive supercarriers, each one able to host the world’s 6th largest airforce. While China has only two soviet design carriers, America can field a further 10 amphibious assault ships that can now act as aircraft carriers for the new and deadly f35 fighter jet.

The USA can deploy 92 modern destroyers compared to China’s 50; this is something that the Chinese have been working hard to equalize, with the Chinese Navy bringing a new destroyer into service every few months. This all includes them deploying three new warships in just a single day last month (April 2021). 

To counter this massive growth, the Pentagon unveiled a plan to bring the Navy up to 500 ships over the next 30 years, a plan that would cost over one trillion dollars. The plan was unveiled towards the end of the Trump administration.


Questions are starting to be raised about the origins of the COVID-19 virus, in what is quickly becoming a bipartisan movement towards the truth.

However the Biden administration is sticking to its guns, refusing to speculate or investigate. It came to light this week that the Biden administration actually ended a probe into the origins of the virus as a product of the Chinese military.

The deputy White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, refused to answer questions on the whether or not the Biden administration would hold China accountable, if it was discovered that the virus originated from inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

She did, however, say that they have not ruled out the possibility that the release of the virus was deliberate. This stunning admission was made after Jean-Pierre was hammerd by journalists on the issue, who are looking for an administration-led investigation to the origins of the virus.

It stands to be seen what the response from the Biden administration would be, should this come to light.

It is obvious that there would be global outrage as over two million people have died from the virus worldwide. Great Britain has already deployed its fleet of warships to the South China Sea, a show of force that the western world will not back down and is ready to strike.

America should follow suit.