The Biden Regime is Betraying American Farmers

Ever since he got into office, Joe Biden made it abundantly clear that America is not his priority. Now, he is helping China and Russia, leaving American farmers with empty pockets.

As if this lousy regime wasn’t bad enough, it’s now trying to break America’s backbone with an anti-agricultural globalist agenda that benefits communist China.

Black Farmer Slams Biden

Recently John Boyd Jr., president of the Black Farmers Association, dropped the truth about the Biden administration. As he said, Biden has been sending a lot of money to Russia and China.

His promises to the American agricultural industry were nothing more than words thrown to the wind. Last year alone, American farmers lost more than 10,000 farms.

Biden should worry about supporting his own country’s farmers, not making international agricultural deals.

Without government incentives, the agricultural sector is doing very poorly and foreign agricultural giants are profiting.

Unlike Chinese and Russian farmers who have received funding and incentives from Biden, the American farmer is left to fend for himself with no support.

The Rot Runs Deep

Sen. Joni Ernst and Open The Books released a new report, which shows the White House has been sending large amounts of money to China and Russia. We’re talking about an amount of about $1.3 billion sent to Russian and Chinese agricultural entities.

This includes $1.6 million for Chinese food producers who supply the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch Program, which should be boosting the business of American farmers!

It’s not only that. Millions of dollars have been contributed to other projects in China and Russia.

An example of this is the payout of more than $2 million dollars to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan responsible for studying the coronavirus in bats.

The Biden Betrayal

Boyd Jr.’s criticisms are fair. It’s absurd that farmers don’t get incentives while Biden uses cheaper foreign agricultural conglomerates.

Boyd Jr. pointed out that Biden not only killed incentives for American farmers, but he’s also been killing the proud life story that farms have preserved for generations.

Biden just got on the wrong side of farmers. Good luck in 2024.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.