The Big Legal Question Over Vaccine Side Effects

A delegation of Republicans in the House questioned President Biden about the immunity from prosecution provided to COVID-19 vaccine producers.

These House Republicans were voicing concerns about the protection in light of the government’s vaccine mandates.

How is this legal?

The regulations raise “numerous fears about the morality of the federal government mandating an immunization.”

“This immunization obtains special liability safeguards normally availed to developing new drugs, monetarily benefiting the vaccine manufacturers,” GOP Rep. Michael Cloud and 15 colleagues wrote to Biden on Dec. 20.

During the Trump administration, Alex Azar, then-Secretary of Health and Human Services, used the Public Preparedness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act to declare vaccine manufacturers immune from lawsuits, with the exception of those alleging “willful malfeasance.”

The incantation has been prolonged several times, and it is now set to last until October 2024.

People suffering adverse responses from a COVID-19 vaccination can demand damages from a system known as CICP.

However, program managers have been hesitant to examine claims. Last week, the first settlement was disclosed.

The mix of demands and protection under the law for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, according to Cloud and the other congressmembers, is unreasonable.

“It is grossly wrong to utilize the government’s forceful power to impose vaccines, and then to provide minimal legal recourse for damages if they are harmed.”

“In the midst of such demands, we believe the people of America should have a broader legal remedy to reclaim losses caused by the federal government,” they said.

“Attempting to force an untested vaccination on Americans without providing them with legal redress if they are harmed is one of the most heinously totalitarian violations of the law in American history,” Cloud continued in an email interview to The Epoch Times.

“Giving vaccine makers full legal immunity, while requiring the public to consume their product is ludicrous.”

“If the Biden government persists in pushing for forced shots, vaccine producers’ legal immunity must be abolished, allowing citizens to sue if they suffer adverse side effects.”

Requests for a response from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, the Department of Health & Human Services, and the White House were not returned.

According to complaints submitted to the Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System, millions and millions of people have had side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Dangerous side effects

Clots with low blood platelet counts, one of the most serious adverse effects, have been frequently reported in persons who received Johnson & Johnson’s shot.

About 15% of the instances have resulted in death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended patients obtain one of the other immunizations last week.

Although the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been connected to post-vaccination cardiac damage, health officials were not able to determine whether the condition has caused any deaths.

Given that authorities approved Pfizer’s vaccine in August, the Biden administration was asked if there are any intentions to revoke the existing PREP Act certification.