The Death of Democracy: Canadian Opposition Members Are Being Arrested

Randy Hillier, a candidate for the Ontario regional parliament, turned himself in to Ottawa authorities on Monday.

He is facing nine indictments related to his participation in the Freedom Convoy rallies last month.

Canada’s political opposition has been rounded up by the fascist government of Justin Trudeau. The true free north is not so free after all.

The List of Accusations

Hillier is an alternative lawmaker of Ontario’s provincial legislature.

He has been accused of assaulting a public servant, delaying a peace officer, hindering someone aiding a peace officer, along with numerous other charges of counseling a committed impeachable offense and damage.

Hillier claims he was called by Ottawa authorities on Sunday and urged to surrender on Monday, something he did on Monday morning, according to the CBC.

Hillier told reporters he had not attacked any officers, adding, “I have no clue unless handovers or warm hugs are suddenly constituted assault.”

Hillier issued a declaration on Twitter, stating, “I look forward to the chance to defend myself against all these charges,” according to Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun newspaper.

“Any elected legislator’s purpose and duty are to question and challenge public policy,” he said.

He added the following, “until 2022 in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canada, nonviolent peaceful protest has been a universally acknowledged form of expressing grievances against authorities.”

Hillier was chastised on social media during the Liberty Convoy protests and accused of ordering Freedom Convoy followers to jam emergency telephone service in Ottawa, with several advocating for his arrest at the time.

The Rounding Up of Political Opposition

Last month, Ottawa lawyer James Bowie was one of those trying to call for Hillier’s arrest, citing his involvement with Freedom Convoy organizers, such as Tamara Lich.

Lich was detained after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the Emergencies Act for maybe the first time in Canadian history to put an end to the three-week-long demonstrations against Wuhan coronavirus constraints and demands.

Tamara Lich, who was first granted bail from Justice Julie Bourgeois – a former Liberal Major party who now heads Justin Trudeau — also encounters a set of criminal charges relating to her and other organizers’ participation in the protests.

Last week, Canadian courts expanded the number of charges leveled against Lich and many others.

Lich and her defense attorney, Diane Magas, were unsuccessful in their appeal of Lich’s court orders, which include constraints on her use of social networks, which they argue infringes her right to freedom of expression.

Hillier isn’t the first lawmaker detained under Prime Minister Trudeau’s watch in recent years.

Maxime Bernier, a former Conservative government minister and current prime minister of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), was detained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Manitoba last year, on suspicion of violating Wuhan coronavirus prohibitions.