The Democrats’ Plan to Use Abortion As an Election-Winning Issue

The uproar over the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion on abortion is making a lot of headlines in recent days.

It comes at the same time as a release of documents from Pfizer showed huge danger from the COVID vaccines, along with many deaths, miscarriages, and serious side effects from the “vaccine.”

People are mainly now focused on the abortion issue, however. The Democrat Party is hoping to use it as part of a strategy to win elections.

Now, a leading pro-life individual who leads the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is speaking out and warning about the Democrats’ strategy.

Leading Pro-Lifer Sounds the Alarm

As head of the NRLC, pro-life activist Carol Tobias has dedicated her life to saving the unborn. For more than forty years, she’s worked to try to save unborn babies.

Tobias says the leak of the abortion draft from the Supreme Court is part of a specific strategy on the part of the Democrat Party and conservatives need to be ready to respond.

Specifically, she is warning the right not to overplay its hand here and end up losing years of progress in the pro-life battle.

In particular, the left is going to try to paint Republicans and conservatives as extremists who want to “control” the bodies of women.

Leaving aside, for a moment, the fact that an unborn baby is obviously not a “woman’s body,” let’s keep in mind the left is likely to have some success here.

If they can find enough Republicans who don’t support abortion, even in cases of rape, abuse, and incest, they could be able to exaggerate the cruelty of Republicans and pull off something similar to what happened in Argentina at the end of 2020.

Let me explain…

What Happened in Argentina?

Argentina is a formerly Catholic country that has a strong conservative presence.

Yet, just like in America, the radical left has grown. It’s expanded in the country with the prevalence of liberal pop culture and ideologies like feminism, anarchism, and cultural progressivism.

Up until the end of 2020, abortion was illegal in almost all cases in Argentina. The left pushed for years to change that without much success until they began pursuing a very smart strategy.

Instead of focusing on their belief that abortion should be a universal right or a “choice,” they intensely focused on rare and horrific cases of rape, incest, and abuse where abortion hadn’t been allowed.

In particular, they focused on an 11-year-old girl who’d been forced to give birth by C-Section after being raped, pointing it out as cruel and unusual.

They also found other rare cases similar to this. Then, leftists used them to get people more in the center politically behind their idea to legalize and liberalize abortion rights.

It worked. By December 2020, anyone who opposed abortion was being demonized in much of the media, attacked in the streets, and pushed out of the public spotlight.

This is exactly what the American left wants to do to conservatives now, painting us as extremist outliers.

Is Tobias Right?

It remains to be seen if Tobias is right, but she makes a very solid point.

Conservatives need to seize on this momentum in the right way if they want to avoid being backed into a corner by pro-death Democrats.