Democrats Neglected the Working Class, Now They Suffer

On Friday, Democrat political scientist David Shor warned the Democrat Party is too elitist, insular, and judgmental of American workers and families. Shor says this endangers President Biden’s agenda in Congress and incoming elections after 2022.

White Rich Liberals Will Be Their Downfall

“I think the primary issue with Democrats would be the folks who comprise the workforce in the Democrat Party are more knowledgeable, intellectually progressive, and they live in urban areas,” David Shor told the New York Times about progressives’ failure to communicate with working Americans in the center of the country.

Shor is a liberal political commentator who uses “intellectual division” and demographic developments to predict future contests. Shor feels the Democrat establishment has grown “too misrepresentative at its high levels to stay relevant on a massive scale,” based on the political statistics.

Shor told the New York Times, “I do not think it was a coincidence perhaps the folks we’ve lost are likely to be low-socioeconomic-status individuals.”

“There are three times more centrist or conservative non-white individuals in the Democrat Party than there are very radical white folks; yet, radical white people are immensely more prominent. That’s unethical, but it also means they’ll end up leaving.”

Shor also claims the chance for liberals to make Puerto Rico and Washington, DC the 51st and 52nd states (measures that would permanently change the balance of power toward liberals) is dwindling.

It’s dwindling because southern Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin, are siding with conservatives. Because of the demographics in locations like West Virginia, Democrats may have their “final, best shot” to change America permanently in 2021.

“This would happen to change the way the party talks, behaves, and thinks in order to reclaim working-class supporters (both white and people of color) who have left Democrats behind in the political game.”

“[Liberals] will never get another chance [in the near future] if they falter,” Shor added, referring to the Democrats’ dire position as the elitist party.

Democrats Need Their Best Election in Ages – It’s Unlikely

Shor points out that due to the voting system, the Democrat Party will have to outperform in 2022 to offset its elitist demography; the party’s intellectuals are located in tiny areas of the country, largely along the coastlines and not in states like Kansas.

“In 2022, Democrats in the Senate have a 50-50 hope of maintaining the majority if they defy history and defeat conservatives by four percentage points in the midterm elections, which would be a stunning result,” the Times noted.

“They’ll inevitably lose a seat — and Congress — if they get only 51 percent of votes.” According to Shor’s model, liberals will lose seven seats in the Senate if they do not have an above-average year where Democrats win 51 percent of the two-party support.

When you add it all up, liberals are abandoning their blue-dog Democrat Party of old. This is thanks to their elite, cosmopolitan mentality’s “academic polarization” and failure to dissuade red states from opting for Republican Senate candidates, according to the Times.