The EU Will Be Taking A Tough Tone On China Before the 2022 Winter Olympics

On July 8, the European Commission passed a fresh resolution. This resolution condemned China’s authoritarian regime’s unrestricted crackdown on liberty in Hong Kong; it also advocated for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, in reaction to human rights violations.

The emergency motion was carried with 578 votes in favor, 29 votes against, and 73 abstentions in Strasbourg, France, on Thursday.

In the midst of tensions between China’s communist leadership and the EU, the non-binding decision reflects the legislature’s attitude to the European Commission and the EU Parliament.

China’s Treatment of Hong Kong has Caused Outrage

Per the settlement, members of Parliament condemn the compelled closing of Hong Kong’s outspoken pro-democracy news publication, the Apple Daily.

Parliament moreover demands that China discharge imprisoned reporters and pro-democracy demonstrators instantly and unquestioningly, as well as stop annoying and intimidating mainstream press and reporters.

The 28-point statement also urged states to implement new sanctions, deny invites to the 2022 Winter Games in China, and give urgent visas to journalists and politicians fleeing the city.

Following a major raid on Apple Daily’s headquarters by Hong Kong police, the company’s assets were seized and managers were jailed under the China national security legislation. Its creator, media mogul Jimmy Lai, is currently enduring a 20-month sentence for his role in the 2019 pro-democracy demonstrations.

MEPs denounced NSL as a broad attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy, legal system, and basic liberties.

The legislation was used to fully undermine Hong Kong’s free and open society on practically all frontiers over a period of a year, according to the declaration; this thereby totally changed Hong Kong’s legal and political environment while hurting freedom of expression and free speech of opinions.

The broad NSL took place on June 30, 2020, making allegations including rebellion, independence, and cooperation with international powers illegal.

MEPs urged Member states to tackle the NSL as a number one priority on the program of all EU-China summits, citing the NSL’s complete violation of the one nation, two systems principle.

Under the Treaty, There Should Still be Hong Kong Freedom

When the former British colonial city’s authority was turned over to Beijing on July 1, 1997, the totalitarian country pledged to allow the city to manage internal politics via its political system for a half-century underneath the one nation, two programs concept.

The city’s humanitarian situation continues to worsen; meanwhile, they encouraged the EU and its 27 national governments to create a lifeboat system to assist pro-democratic individuals and government figures in living and working in their respective countries.

The EU is also encouraged to provide emergency travel papers for reporters.

It stated that 128 individuals had been detained and 64 people were already charged criminally under the NSL; 47 of them are now being held in pre-trial detention.

The bill called on states to refuse government leaders’ and diplomats’ invites to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games if the Beijing government cannot show a demonstrable change in Hong Kong’s civil rights status.