The FBI Takes a Strong Stance Against China

Director of the FBI Christopher Wray has spoken out against Beijing’s xenophobic violence against Chinese-Americans.

China is the True Enemy

Director of the FBI Christopher Wray delivered a fantastic and pitch-perfect address on “Trying to Counter Dangers Posed by the Chinese Government Within the United States” on Jan. 31.

He spoke out against racial prejudice and explained how America can defeat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through American ideals.

He also stated the bureau’s policing metrics are used to safeguard Chinese-Americans, who are often the top focus of the CCP’s overseas suppression, including those on American soil.

Since China has a considerably larger economy than the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Wray argues now the CCP is a much more formidable foe than the Soviets.

“The Soviet Union didn’t produce anything anybody in America planned to buy,” he explained.

“We didn’t put money into each other’s industries or send students and teachers to each other’s schools to study. The United States and today’s China are more intertwined than the United States and the Soviet Union ever were.”

China is an industrial superpower the Soviets never could have imagined.

In fact, China’s GDP is around ten times greater than Russia’s now. All of that money may go toward Beijing’s military spending and overseas clout, which it uses to threaten global democracy and the rule of law.

Of course, Wray’s cautions about the dictatorship in Beijing did not apply to Chinese-Americans.

“The danger we’re focused on defeating is the Chinese government and the People’s Republic of China, not the Mainland Chinese, and certainly not Chinese citizens, who are frequent sufferers of the Chinese government’s illegal aggressiveness,” he said.

According to Wray, safeguarding Chinese-Americans and Chinese nationals in the United States from the CCP is “fresh in people’s minds” for the FBI.

“Centuries of Chinese immigrants have made America richer and better; many of them will celebrate the customary Lunar New Year celebration this week.”

The Real World

Wray cited a Chinese-American undergraduate at a large Midwestern school who praised students murdered in Tiananmen Square in 1989 on social media.

“His family called from China very quickly, stating Chinese intelligence operatives had shown there to harm them, due to his post,” Wray said.

“When the Chinese authorities learned this same kid engaged in an online rehearsal for a demonstration event with other kids, his parents contacted him again, this time more panicked.”

According to Wray, what is known about the Beijing government’s “transnational repression” is only the “tip of the glacier.”

“For generations, the Chinese Communist Party has harassed, intimidated, and persecuted Tibetans and Uyghurs living in the United States. They’ve gone after Falun Gong adherents, pro-democracy activists, and anybody else who questions their validity or control,” he said.