The Future of Public Safety Training in Atlanta Looks Uncertain

Public safety is certainly not what it used to be in America. Democratic cities, in particular, are seeing major rises in crime.

That’s no coincidence, as these communities were some of the first to not just defund law enforcement, but also pass soft-on-crime laws, such as cashless bail and downgrading the legal penalties tied to various offenses.

One city that’s truly struggling in this regard is none other than Atlanta, Georgia. For decades, Atlanta has been run by Democratic leaders, with few positive results to show for it.

Now, a new turn of events shows that public safety training in the community may no longer be realistic, according to Gateway Pundit.

Disturbing News Out of Atlanta

In Atlanta, a Public Safety Training Facility was set up for the purposes of working with law enforcement officers. However, the area has since been attacked by Stop Cop City ATL and Antifa.

Reports on the scene noted that molotov cocktails were hurled at police and various equipment in the vicinity of the training facility was set ablaze. In an even gloomier sign, demonstrators on the scene are reportedly coming to physical blows with police officers.

At this rate, there is no telling when or if the Public Safety Training Facility will ever be able to serve its intended purpose.

Right now, the protesters who are bringing molotov cocktails and causing problems are doing so with the express intention of blocking the facility from operating as planned.

Sadly, their antics are working in terms of causing disturbances and, at the very least, delaying plans that local officials in Atlanta had for the training facility.

More Lawlessness to Come?

If the current choas in Atlanta isn’t handled, it has the potential to spiral even further out of control than it already has. On top of that, this commotion opens the doors to unsavory characters who may be inclined to take advantage of what’s currently transpiring.

Since 2020, police morale across the country has taken a hit. More officers have chosen to retire or quit, rather than continue working on the force. Situations like the ones happening in Atlanta played a major role in this, as did the movement to defund the police.

With fewer law enforcement officers on the job, criminals will know their odds of offending and getting away with it are higher than before. This endangers both innocent people and the communities in which they live.

Time will ultimately reveal if the current problems in Atlanta become even worse later down the line.

What do you make of the chaos and rioting that’s being reported out of Atlanta? Do you believe what’s happening is going to become better or worse with time? You’re welcome to sound off in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.