The GOP is Still Very Much Trump’s Party

The governor’s race in Nevada is among the most competitive in the country.

A former state senator, a top cop, an ex-boxer lawyer, and others are seeking a chance to take on Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak.

Nevada Will be a Tough Fight

The election is taking place in a state that has voted Democrat in recent times. However, it could be ripe for a large GOP triumph, due to President Biden’s low approval ratings and criticism over Democrats’ management of COVID.

Former Sen. Dean Heller, Clark Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Las Vegas Councilmember Michele Fiore, Northern Las Vegas Mayor John Jay Lee, attorney Joey Gilbert, as well as venture capitalist Guy Nohra, are some of the most prominent candidates in the primary.

Endorsement deals can make a world of difference in a contest that is so close. Former President Trump, the GOP’s top booster, has yet to weigh in on this state’s election, as he has in several others.

That appears to be something the contenders are well aware of.

Nohra is a Lebanese migrant who moved to the United States in high school before going into the biotech field after college. He recently recruited three Trump-affiliated GOP strategists, which he emphasized in a news release numerous times.

Nohra uses his experience in business to demonstrate he can improve government efficiency. He also uses his background as an immigrant who fled civil war to underscore the United States is a “country of opportunity” which should be welcomed.

It’s a Race for Trump’s Support

He claims having those attributes will help him “gain” Trump’s support. “I’m a business executive, I’m attempting to fix issues, I’m an America First person,” Nohra told reporters.

“I’m going to be earning it because I believe the president will look at who’s trying the hardest, who’s pouring all of their resources into it, and who’s sincere about achieving this.”

Heller told reporters that as governor, he will focus on both combatting crime and increasing the performance of the management of schools. However, reviving Nevada’s economy would be his primary priority.

“People want work, a robust economy, decent jobs, and better careers,” Heller explained. “I believe it transcends the political spectrum if you can demonstrate you can develop better employment here in this state.”

As per The Nevada Independent, Heller has a tumultuous relationship with Trump, but claims to have spoken with him many times earlier in the day during a discussion last month.

He also told Fox News he believes Trump should back him because the two have previously worked together well.

“For years, Donald Trump and I collaborated,” Heller added. “We’ve had our disagreements… but, simply put, I assisted him in pursuing his objective, America First.”