The Gun Control Agenda is Not Limited to America

"Non-violence - the Knotted Gun - United Nations" by Al_HikesAZ is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

When we think of the gun control agenda, the first thing that comes to mind is the Democrat gun control agenda in the United States. This however is only scratching the surface of the story. 

South Africa is a country that, until now, was rather lax on gun laws; this exists in the sense where you have the freedom to purchase any firearm available on the market as long as you have proven competency and a gun license, similar to that of a car license.

This is all about to change for Africa’s most wealthy and influential nation. The government has proposed a new Firearms Control Amendment Bill. Should this bill be passed, it brings into effect several policies that are frankly shocking to an American. This is a sign perhaps of things to come.

Controversially the deleting of licensing of firearms for self-defense is a key aspect of the bill. All members who hold a gun license for the reason of self-defense will have that license revoked and thus the ownership of their firearm will become illegal.

Among other things, the bill also states that firearm license terms will be limited to five years and only issued for hunting or sport shooting. In this regard, only a limited number of licenses will be issued.

Participative Democracy

South Africans have been gifted an opportunity to stop this bill. South Africa is a participative democracy; this means that members of the public are allowed a period before a bill is passed, to offer their comments on the bill.

Each comment then needs to be processed and depending on the outcome (majority in favor or not) the bill will be passed, sent back for amendment, or scrapped.

Non-South Africans also have an opportunity to comment on the bill, they can do so here.

Government invites the public to comment on the Firearms Control Amendment Bill.

The Four Steps of Subjugation 

When it comes to controlling a population, four main steps need to be followed.

Firstly the population needs to be disarmed. In westernized nations like the USA, this can be tricky for obvious reasons. In South Africa, the government suffered a different set of challenges, one being public participation, but the other being a corrupt and inept police force that is simply unable to fulfill that mandate.

Secondly, once the nation’s privately owned firearms are in the hands of the government, they can begin to cease the means of production. This means nationalizing farmland and factories (state control).

With the population subdued and the means of production secured, the next step for a tyrannical government is to take away the means of distribution. This means they will control who gets what and where.

Once these three stages are complete, the next logical step is to take away the freedom movement. We saw this in communist countries during the cold war era. Citizens were merely tools of the government to be sent to work wherever and do whatever the government decided.

This is no conspiracy theory, South Africa has also legislated to remove private ownership of land. That’s two bills, the first to stage on my list of four. The scary part is: this is not the work of the South African government alone; the UN and EU directly influence South African policy initiatives under the guise of the UN agenda 2040.

If you think what is happening in a faraway land has no consequence in the USA, that would be a mistake; the plans of the enemies of freedom go far beyond the US border.

The success or failure of these plans in other countries like South Africa will be used as the training grounds for its implementation in the USA.