The Latest Far Left Fad of ‘Identifying’ As Being a Different Age

The political left used to be about supporting workers and families. It even used to be pro-life, but around the 1960s and after President JFK, it began changing.

The left started becoming involved in cultural Marxism, which was against the family, against traditional gender, against hard work, and against religion.

Fifty years later, we are reaping the whirlwind. Mental illness rates are higher than ever and society has never been so divided, lonely, and full of chaos.

The latest fad from the far left has even some liberals surprised, as people are beginning to embrace the trend of “identifying” as a different age. Yes, seriously.

Welcome to Being ‘Transage’

Age dysphoria is a disorder where you don’t feel like you are the age that you are.

Though it’s now being made into an actual identity called being “transage.” This is a new category that’s gaining popularity among the alternative and leftist crowd.

It basically means that you don’t feel your age and you claim the right to “identify” as being a different age (and gender, of course, if you want).

We already know that the left says you can be whatever gender you want. Though now age dysphoria is also saying that you have the legal right to be whatever age you want.

Your birth certificate doesn’t matter. You can be whatever age you believe you are and the “social construct” of your age doesn’t matter. You can be a 40-year-old man who believes you’re a 16 year-old-girl.

Age Regression and Other Creepy Subjects

According to “transage” activists, age regression is common among transage people, where they feel they may be younger.

Often it may be an older man feeling he is a young girl, for example, and feeling different than his “chrono” (real) age.

As you can imagine this brings up a number of very disturbing issues. First and foremost, why are we now assigning an identity to a mental illness?

Secondly, if a person is “transage” and regressed what will stop them from believing they have the right to be physically involved or intimate with a young person of that age?

If you question that, you’re now questioning their identity?

It’s a minefield of problems as soon as you start buying into any of this lunatic nonsense, which is why it needs to be flatly rejected right at the source of the claim.

The Bottom Line

According to the left, you can be whatever you want. Whereas it’s not hard work or innovation that will get you there; it’s your own imagination and mental illness.

You can be “Native American” like Senator Elizabeth Warren, “black” like Rachel Dolezal, or “a woman” like Biden’s assistant secretary of health Rachel Levine.

Instead of treating these delusions and constructing a society that actually gives people a purpose and a unified goal, the left is encouraging this sort of thing and age dysphoria is particularly concerning.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.