The Lincoln Project is Getting Under Everyone’s Skin


The anti-Trump “conservative” Lincoln Project was the resistance’s favorite for viciously assaulting Donald Trump. However, everyone is now shrugging at the Lincoln Project, fearful they are paving the way for the former administration’s revival.

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What is Going On?

The outside political group, which is led by disgruntled Republicans and top Democrat strategists, has had its share of squabbles. They’ve faced internal squabbles over beach house money and troubling allegations concerning a discredited co-founder.

They received near-universal criticism for a recent political maneuver recalling the Charlottesville rally to close the Virginia gubernatorial race. One of the group’s most well-known leaders is facing backlash for supporting Trump’s re-election on the basis he’d be the simplest Republican to defeat in the national election.

“Read the environment,” liberal adviser and former top staffer to Hillary Clinton Zac Petkanas remarked. “In 2016, they sounded like me.”

“It’s critical we all approach the future elections with a sense of dignity and a fresh set of eyes about what the political environment will look like,” Petkanas remarked.

“This would be a mistake to assume one person is easier to beat than another. We’ve all seen this movie previously, and they do have a surprise ending now and again.”

Officials within the Lincoln Project argue they’re merely being pragmatic — even astute — in light of the new political atmosphere. Trump is almost certain to be the GOP candidate regardless, and brass-knuckle methods have become the standard.

As per a source familiar with the situation, President Biden contacted one of the Lincoln Project’s founders, Steve Schmidt, just after the 2020 presidential election to express gratitude for the group’s assistance in getting him elected.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Democrats Think the Organization is Now Harmful

In the year after exciting Democrats with their obsession over challenging Republicans, operatives from both sides now believe the organization is inefficient, wasteful at best, and harmful at worst.

Never-Trumpers and Republican voters, in particular, have reacted angrily to Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson’s recent endorsement of a Trump run for the presidency in 2024.

“I believe this is the parent of all awful ideas,” said Charlie Sykes, a Republican pundit and Trump opponent. “It also a truly poor idea’s parent, brother, sister, and cousin.”

“It overlooks the prospect Trump could be re-elected, and you’d think we’d all learned from our mistakes from the last time we played games with that prospect.”

Sarah Longwell, a political consultant and Trump critic who founded the group Protecting Democracy Together, led a cacophony of other anti-Trump Republicans who were perplexed by Wilson’s plan.

“If Trump is reelected, it will have a huge influence on our society. You want to do everything you can to discourage him from coming any closer,” Longwell added. “The easiest way to prevent Trump from winning the election in 2024 is to prevent him from becoming the nominee.”