The Majority of Americans Underestimate the Scale of the Border Crisis

Because of the press’ determination to downplay the border problem, 85 percent of Americans believe the amount of illegals crossing the border fence is much fewer than it actually is.

One in every five citizens has a 90% underestimation of the number of illegal aliens flowing across the Mexican border.

As per data from US Customs and Immigration, almost a million undocumented immigrants entered the the US-Mexico boundary in the first part of this year; that’s including 180,034 crossings in May on its own, a 20-year record.

In all, 929,868 undocumented people have come into the country in 2021; that’s nearly as much as the 977,509 undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country in 2019 in total.

Despite Hundreds Of Thousands of Crossings Each Month, Americans think the Figure is Only a Few Thousand

However, the typical American citizen’s assessment of the issue is woefully inadequate. According to a new Harvard/Harris poll, 21% of People believe that less than 10,000 immigrants enter the country each month.

Moreover, 50% of Americans believe that the number is much less than 50,000 illegal immigrants every month, which is far fewer than a third of the true figure.

As per a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, upwards of four out of five individuals have underestimated the number and percentage of the illegal immigration flow coming across the border each month following Joe Biden’s presidency.

Only 7% correctly shows that the overall number of unlawful crossing points per month is between 150,000 and 200,000, maybe because even experienced border officials find it hard to accept.

According to a CBS station in Dallas-Fort Worth, Border Patrol agent John Anfinsen reports upwards of three times many more unlawful entries in the Del Rio region as in a typical year.

He indicated that on a weekly basis, they are somewhere around 6,000 and 7,000, but in the former years, 2,000 would have been a lot.

Open Border Policies from the Government are Not the Solution

A second YouGov poll revealed that citizens believe the frontier is in a deep crisis, a term the government has resisted using.

An open border, according to a few participants, leads to a narcotics trafficking catastrophe.

This year, Immigration and Customs enforcement Patrol confiscated a total of 201,857 kilograms of hard drugs; that included cocaine, morphine, morphine, and meth.

In 2019, the US captured little over 250,000 lbs of such medicines.

Some believe that uncontrolled immigration is causing a crime crisis. Leaders of MS-13 and Santo groups, a previously expelled sexual predator, a convicted sex offender, a committed child rapist, and many others guilty of sex assaults, have all been captured in the recent month.

Others argue that an unregulated border poses a national security risk.

Border Patrol officers captured two Yemeni individuals on the terrorist watch list after they unlawfully crossed the El Centro region of California during January and April.