Trump is Innocent, You Knew it, Now the World Knows it

Past President Donald Trump responded to Michael Sussmann’s evidence that Hillary Clinton ordered the transmission of false information to the media suggesting a clandestine communications route between both the Trump Organization as well as a Russian bank.

It’s a Massive Scandal!

Trump promised Fox News Channel that the Mueller investigation is “one of the worst recent scandals in memory” and that he will “probably” fully regain his “public image.”

Former Clinton campaign director Robby Mook appeared in the first jury case stemming from Special Counsel John Durham’s years-long probe into the beginnings of the Trump-Russia investigations on Friday, saying Clinton authorized and “accepted” to share flawed data with the press.

Former Federal General Counsel James Baker said on Thursday that the agency looked at data suggesting a Trump link to a Kremlin-linked company and discovered “nothing at all.”

Trump told Fox News on Saturday, “It’s one of the worst corruption cases in history.” “I would have to battle her off for 3 years, and fight those unscrupulous guys off for 3 years because you’ll never get your credibility back.”

“How do I reclaim my public image?” Trump stated once more.

Trump stated, “I had to fend them off.” “And, rather than individuals like Mitch McConnell, we would have actual leadership who would take action. Bill Barr, for example. They would have taken action in response.”

Trump claimed that the efforts committed to pursuing him and others of his 2016 campaign diverted law enforcement and security authorities from what “could have been a genuine risk with Russia.”

The FBI launched a criminal probe into whether nominee Donald Trump and members of his team conspired or coordinated with Russia to affect the 2016 election in July 2016.

After Trump became president, the FBI investigation dubbed as Crossfire Hurricane was turned over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. On May 17, 2017, Mueller was elected.

Mueller’s probe, which lasted nearly two years, found no evidence of criminal collusion or collaboration between Trump’s team and Russian agents during 2016 u.s. campaign.

Durham was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr in 2019, soon after Mueller’s findings, to examine the roots of the FBI’s initial investigation into the Trump team, which resulted in Mueller’s nomination as special counsel.

Hillery Was Neck Deep in this Scandal

Mook was questioned about the Clinton candidate’s grasp of the Alfa Bank claims against Trump and also whether they intended to expose the material to the media underpass by government prosecutor Andrew DeFillippis.

Campaign chief counsel Marc Elias, who had been a lawyer at law firm Perkins Coie at the time, first informed Mook of the Alfa Bank matter, according to Mook.

According to Mook, the data was obtained from “those who have experience in this sort of thing.”

The campaign, according to Mook, was not completely convinced in the data’s veracity, but intended to provide it to a journalist who could “run it down” to see if it was “correct” or “substantive.”

He even said he talked to top campaign aides, notably campaign chairman John Podesta, top policy advisor Jake Sullivan, who is now White House Chief Strategist, and spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri, about whether to provide the material to a reporter.

“I talked about it with Hillary as well,” Mook added.

“I don’t recall the content of the discussion,” Mook said, “but the gist of it was, well, we have this but we want to discuss it with a writer.”

The authorities wanted to know if Clinton agreed to the data being “disseminated” to the media.