The Tables Turn in Ukraine – Who are the Real Nazis?

Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr Zelenksyy used Russia’s political rhetoric against it in a Friday night address filled with Nazi parallels, claiming Moscow’s tactic was “crueler.”

Who are the real Nazis now? It ain’t the Ukrainians.

According to Zelenskyy, there are tactical distinctions between Russian forces now and the Nazis throughout World War II, but what differentiates the two is Moscow’s relentless lying.

The Details

“Russian troops are far more cynical than Nazi soldiers were 80 years ago,” Ukraine’s president claimed.

“At the time, the attackers did not state the citizens of Mariupol and the city’s soldiers shot and murdered themselves.”

In accordance with its “special military campaign,” Russia stated its goal is to entirely dominate the eastern provinces encompassing the Donbas.

Without providing evidence, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has often stated his intentions are to “denazify” the people of Ukraine and free oppressed Russian supporters.

These allegations have been categorically refuted by Zelenskyy, who was voted in by the people and is Jewish.

“Even if the Russian attackers succeed in at least part of their preparations, they will still have sufficient weaponry and planes to destroy an entire Donbas,” he predicted.

“They devastated Mariupol in the same way.

“The city, which had been one of the area’s most industrialized, is now just a Russian incarceration camp in the center of ruins,” he continued.

Mariupol has become one of the roughest cities in Russia’s war in Ukraine. Also, it remains contested since Kremlin has been unable to fully control it, despite Putin’s claims of triumph earlier in the month.

Russia is seeking to take possession of the Donbas by pinching this from the north via Izyum, up via Mariupol in the south, and across from generally held eastern strongholds, according to a senior defense official.

“However, they’re up against a wall of the Ukrainian opposition. As a result, we believe that progress has been slow and unequal.”

According to the official, “We think and believe that they are off track in achieving their goals in the Donbas.”

Fighting Fire with Fire

Congress, this week, resurrected a WWII-era program that was critical in aiding the defeat of the Nazis by lifting some restrictions to allow allies to get military aid more quickly.

The “lend-lease scheme” will make it simpler for Kyiv and “Eastern European countries harmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” to get loans.

Zelenskyy praised the decision, saying, “I am confident that the arms loan program will now help Ukraine and the rest of the free world in destroying the ideological descendants of the Nazis who launched a war against us on our own soil.”

“Lend-Lease, as well as other support initiatives for Ukraine, are solid proof that freedom can still defend itself against dictatorship,” he continued.