The Time Has Come: They Are Coming For Your Guns

Addressing last week’s terrible massacre in Uvalde, Texas, President Joe Biden advocated for a crackdown on Americans’ constitutional gun rights.

Biden Isn’t Hiding It Anymore

“It’s not about removing anyone’s freedoms,” Biden asserted before reciting a laundry list of ways he sought to limit people’s Second Amendment rights.

Biden proposed outlawing semi-automatic long weapons, which are enormously popular in the US, as well as prohibiting “high-capacity mags,” instituting red flag laws that deny Americans fair trials, and prosecuting gun makers.

“Assault rifles and high-capacity magazines must be banned,” Biden stated. “If we can’t outlaw firearms, we must raise the purchasing age from 18 to 21, and tighten criminal record checks.”

Raising the minimum age to purchase weapons would not have prevented nine of the ten deadliest mass shootings in US history; all of the perpetrators were 21 or older, with the exception of two.

One of the two gunmen under the age of 21 took the guns he used from his family, the person responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre.

Biden’s administration failed to manage several crises that have emerged amid his governance, such as the southern border problems, newborn formula shortages, spiking hyperinflation, soaring gasoline costs, and so on.

However, Biden has managed to politicize tragic events to target Republican politicians.

Biden’s plea for restrictions on law-abiding Americans comes while his own son, Hunter Biden, is accused of falsifying a background investigation form in order to unlawfully acquire a handgun.

Hunter Biden’s in Hot Water Over the Same Thing

Hunter Biden is facing charges stemming from an altercation in October 2018 involving Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter Biden’s deceased brother, Beau Biden.

While residing with Hallie, Hunter dated his late brother’s wife and subsequently fathered a kid with a stripper.

Hallie reportedly stole Hunter Biden’s pistol and tossed it in a garbage can behind a grocery shop, prompting a police inquiry because the garbage can was near a high school.

Hallie Biden later went to get the weapon, only to discover that it vanished.

“Secret Service agents contacted the holder of the shop in which Hunter bought the gun. Then, they requested to take the documentation related to the sale,” according to reports from Politico.

This also comes per two people, one of which has direct experience of the incident and another was informed by a Secret Service agent just after the event.”

“The gun store owner declined to provide the documents, believing Secret Service officials were trying to conceal Hunter’s possession of the missing pistol in case it was used in a crime,” the two persons stated.

The papers were ultimately given over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which administers federal gun regulations, by the proprietor, Ron Palmieri.