Gun Rights Have a New Defender

Donald Trump Jr. is forming a new 2nd amendment rights organization, which he claims will be used to combat Democrat gun control attempts.

According to Fox News Digital, Trump Jr. will indeed be the head of the 2nd Amendment Task Force, which will fight to safeguard Americans’ ability to keep and carry arms.

The Motivation

“The 2nd Amendment is the entire campaign; it is the liberty that safeguards all of our other liberties.”

“Sadly, the Biden government and congressional Democrats are hell-bent on stripping away our constitutional right to bear arms, whether that’s by appointing radical gun-grabbers to the executive branch or trying to push anti-gun laws,” Trump Jr. spoke to Fox News Digital about the situation.

“The 2nd Amendment Group is dedicated only to ensuring the Left never succeeds in disarming Americans.”

The 2nd Amendment Task Force is Trump Jr.’s first advocacy organization; he is actively involved in it. The group intends to make a strong showing in this year’s midterms, particularly in the area of voter registration.

Furthermore, the group said it will battle against Biden’s candidates and Democratic legislative efforts that could limit Americans’ freedom to bear arms.

President Biden’s contentious and unsuccessful choice to run the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons, and Explosive materials, David Chipman, was opposed by conservatives.

That conflict, Trump Jr. said, influenced his choice to form the group.

“We were successful in stopping an extreme anti-gun advocate from being the Director of the Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons, and Explosive devices (ATF),” Trump Jr. told the media.

No More Retreating

“We wanted to ensure the American public was aware of what had been going on.”

“We’re going to ensure politicians feel the consequences if they vote against the 2nd Amendment. This new organization will assist us in providing greater organization and resources to ensure our efforts are as fruitfull as possible.”

Trump Jr.’s considerable social media presence and popularity, as well as his national media engagements, will be used to build the Second Amendment Task Force’s operation.

Last year, at the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) in Dallas, the previous president’s son stated he will be “around” in the 2022 midterms cycle.

Former President Trump’s oldest child, who has a large following among Trump fans, was very active in the presidential campaign during his father’s losing re-election bid.

In the 2022 election cycle, Trump Jr. promised that “you’ll see me throughout.”

“I find out what’s going on, and somebody has to fight back,” he said, referring to President Biden’s and House Democrats’ programs.

Trump Jr., who has 6.8 million Twitter followers, added, “There aren’t many people who have the luxury of owning a tremendous platform.”

“There aren’t many people who own a large platform who are ready to use it. It’s a fight we’ll have to fight. I’d be delighted to help.”