The USA is Open for Business! – But Only If You Are Vaccinated


The United States will relax restrictions on travel for vaccinated foreign citizens; this comes as the government is aiming to restart international travel in early November for the first occasion in much more than one year.

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In Order to Visit, You Need a Vaccine Passport and Negative Test

Foreign citizens must produce confirmation of immunization and a negative COVID-19 test done three days before boarding an airline, according to Jeff Zients, the leader of the White House’s COVID-19 Crisis Team.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Zients, will decide which vaccines will be approved. This new foreign travel system is based on research to ensure the safety of Americans and international aviation travel, Zients stated.

The Biden administration will safeguard Americans at residence. They’ll also improve the safety of overseas travel by requiring foreign citizens to be immunized in order to fly to the United States and by enacting other severe safety protocols.

He went on to say this is centered on people, rather than a nation-based strategy. The CDC will release a contact tracking directive in the days ahead, according to Zients, requiring airlines to gather information about U.S.-bound passengers.

This will include passengers’ email addresses and phone numbers, in order to serve as a “public health surveillance network.” The CDC, state, and regional health officials will be able to track down travelers who may have been subjected to COVID or other infections as a result of this.

The agency submitted a notification with the Office of Management and Budget the other week, requesting permission to collect and send data about passengers and staff arriving in the United States.

A verdict is being reconsidered. The system, according to Zients, will allow officials to preserve this information for 30 days, although, the details are still being worked out.

Test, Test, Test!

Furthermore, any unvaccinated citizens returning to the United States will face harsher testing standards, according to Zients. They will have to test within one day of leaving and will have to test again once they arrive.

The revelation was eagerly awaited by the airlines and travel industry, which have struggled to gain traction in the face of the outbreak and expressed displeasure with rules that often differ from nation to state.

Airlines for America, a business group representing the nation’s largest airlines, has openly asked for a scientific framework to expedite the reintroduction of overseas travel.

“What is currently impeding travel? In a prior conversation with Politico, Sharon Pinkerton, executive vice president of laws and regulations policy for A4A, said: “What we’ve been asking for is a blueprint that basically says, ‘[These are] the requirements.’”

“What we’d want to see is a world standard that eliminates the hodgepodge of regulations and restrictions that currently exist. Some nations want proof of vaccination, while others demand both a vaccine and a test result, according to Pinkerton.