The Verdict is Here on Sex Ed in Schools

According to a Rasmussen Research poll, Americans of all ethnicities and political stripes do not trust educators to advise children on their sexual or gender identity without their parents’ consent.

The Results are Proof

In response to the question of whether “schools and teachers [should] be permitted to counsel youngsters on their gender and sexual identity without parental knowledge or permission,” 68 percent replied “No,” while only 19 percent said “Yes.”

In addition, 72 percent of men and 64 percent of women disagree with instructors being able to coach adolescents on sexual identification without parental approval.

With regard to party affiliation, there was a significant divide, with 80 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats disagreeing with the assertion.

Similarly, 13% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats believe educators should be authorized to educate children on gender orientations without parental approval.

Independents and unaffiliated participants, on the other hand, are heavily in favor of Republicans on this topic, with 72 percent supporting them and 14 percent opposing them.

With 68 and 70 percent rejecting the assertion, both white and black populations do not trust schools or teachers to counsel children on the subject.

Furthermore, amongst any socioeconomic or political group, black respondents had the biggest disparity on this issue, with only ten percent agreeing with the assertion.

Even those aged 18 to 39, including Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, significantly disagreed with the assertion, with 64% disagreeing. 27 percent of those polled agreed.

In another poll, respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement, “There are only two sexes: male and female.” 75 percent agreed somewhat or firmly. Only 18% of those polled disagreed, implying there are more than two sexes.

Schools are Overstepping the Mark

This poll comes as a number of school districts around the country have started “transitioning” adolescents without their families’ knowledge or approval.

A Wisconsin family sued their Education Department on their daughter’s behalf, after the “school began a social transformation’ so she could ‘present to others as the opposite gender.”

Meanwhile, district policy “allows minor pupils to change their name and sexual identity noun phrases at school without parents’ permission.”

Similarly, Florida relatives are challenging their school district for “secretly converting” their child into a “transgender boy,” according to Breitbart News. Parents in California said school personnel groomed their daughter into posing as ‘trans fluid.’

Trans ideology is also being taught in schools without the awareness of parents. According to Breitbart News, an Education Department in Connecticut is teaching “transsexual ideology without an opt-out.”

Parents reported their child was taught “the sex you’re given at birth is ‘wrong,’ but you’re actually a guy.”

Furthermore, school districts are loading their bookshelves with pornographic and pedophilic publications, subjecting students to graphic sexual content.

According to Breitbart News, Virginia’s biggest school district, Fairfax County, reinstated such material after a commission determined the contested books had no pornographic or pedophilic content, despite clear proof of pictures and literature to the contrary.