These Blue States Can Turn Red in Midterm Elections

Multiple Republican candidates are likely to flip deep blue states in this year’s midterm elections to win a House majority for the GOP.

Reportedly, people are changing their minds in blue states, as Democrats have repeatedly failed to protect voters’ interests in those regions.

Dems Seeing Nightmares in Traditionally Blue States

Republicans have not won the second Congressional District of Rhode Island in the last 30 years, but this time, GOP nominee Allan Fung is hoping to break this losing streak for his party.

Fung, who has previously worked as a mayor of the city of Cranston, touted his candidacy by claiming he has experience in working across the aisle.

He said he will use this to move the country in a positive direction if he is elected as a Congressman in the upcoming elections.

Fung is not the only GOP candidate who is posing a severe threat to Democratic candidates in deep blue districts.

Oregon’s 5th Congressional District, which has been occupied by Democrats for more than the last 25 years, is also turning out to be a competitive seat this year.

In this race, Republican candidate Lori Chavez-DeRemer is giving extremely tough competition to Democrat candidate Jamie McLeod, who defeated incumbent Congressman Kurt Schrader in the Democratic primary elections.

Likewise, in Oregon’s fourth and sixth Congressional Districts, GOP candidates are heading towards tough races with Democratic politicians in what is known as one of the strongest blue states in America.

Similarly, in California’s 49th Congressional District, Republican nominee Brian Maryott is giving tough competition to two-term Democratic incumbent Mike Levin.

Veteran Dems Can Also Bite the Dust Soon

Furthermore, even the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Sean Patrick Maloney, is vulnerable to losing his seat to Republican candidate Micheal Lawler.

This is in a district that remained in Democrats’ control for the last 40 years.

Jacob Rubashkin, the analyst from a nonpartisan election watchdog, claimed Democrats are expected to lose every region which Biden won with less than 15 percentage points in the 2020 presidential election.

As Biden has poor approval ratings and voters are not satisfied with the current situation of the country, Democratic politicians have to face tough races in the midterms, Rubashkin added.

According to the communication director of the Republicans Congressional Committee, Biden’s poor economic agenda and the deteriorating situation of law and order made traditionally blue districts competitive. 

However, the spokesperson of the DCCC, Chris Taylor, asserted all the districts where Republicans are giving tough competition to Democrats are inherently competitive in nature.

Taylor also claimed the GOP would not be able to materialize its dream of flipping 70 seats in the upcoming elections. Even in gubernatorial elections, many Republicans are expected to defeat Democratic candidates in blue states.

For instance, Republican candidate Christine Drazan could be the first ever GOP governor in Oregon in the last 40 years, as she heads into a close race with Tina Kotek of the Democrat Party.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.