Three Teachers Die in Denver Area, Horrible Lethal Infection Likely Cause

Untimely deaths of three teachers occurred in the Denver Area, Colorado, causing a local high school to be shut down. Two of the teachers may have died from a highly infectious and lethal disease.

Two Deaths in 24 Hours

The management of Eaglecrest High School in Aurora decided last week to temporarily shut it down after two teachers died, potentially from bacterial meningitis, the Gateway Pundit reported.

The two teachers – Madelaine Michelle Schmidt, 24, and Judith Briere Geoffrey, 63 – both died within a 24-hour period at the beginning of last week, the school district announced in a release.

The district’s statement claimed the two teachers’ deaths were “unrelated” and both of them “appeared” to have “passed away” “of natural causes.”

It also said it dispatched the mental health team of the district to help other staff members in Eaglecrest High School cope with the loss of their colleagues.

However, the possibility that at least one of the two teachers died of the dangerous infectious disease was revealed by a release from Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office.

It said a teacher – later understood to have been Schmidt – experienced bacterial meningitis symptoms before passing away.

The coroner’s office specified an “individual” at the school was diagnosed with a bacterial infection – Neisseria meningitidis. The blood infection in question could cause meningitis.

Meningitis Symptoms

It explained further that meningitis affected the brain and spinal cord lining, with symptoms such as fever, severe headache, and a state of feeling disoriented.

The coroner’s office pointed out that the bacteria is found in saliva. It can be spread through kissing or sharing utensils, food, and beverages. It noted that being near an infected person is not deemed a risk factor.

As the local health authorities began monitoring people who had been in close contact with Schmidt, the coroner’s office of Arapahoe County also said it was possible the other deceased teacher, Judith Geoffroy, may have had meningitis.

According to pathologist Kelly Lear, both teachers’ bodies are undergoing additional tests to officially confirm their causes of death.

At about the same time when Schmidt and Geoffroy passed away, a third teacher also died in the same district – Scott Nash, a physical education coast at Cherry Creek High and Willow Creek Elementary.

His death, however, was not related to the other two; there are no suspicions it may have been caused by bacterial meningitis.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.