Timing Now Critical in Trump Legal Team’s Election Fight

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The legal team currently representing President Trump continues standing by multiple charges of voter fraud, election tampering, and the like. Despite blowback and intimidation tactics from Never Trumpers and Democrats, the president’s legal team is undeterred.

Notwithstanding certain judges tossing out lawsuits, the fight is far from over. As a matter of fact, Trump legal aide Rudy Giuliani maintains that taking this fight to the Supreme Court is a set goal. Right now, however, litigation remains in the works and pending in multiple states.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On December 14, the electoral college is set to cast its votes on the winner of this presidential race. For this reason and more, time is of the essence as the Trump legal team makes its case, according to Breitbart News.

The Factor of Time

Towards the end of last week, President Trump discussed with reporters the litigation of the 2020 election. In doing so, the president also acknowledged that there are a series of factors currently at play here.

One of the most pressing factors of all is time. Per the commander-in-chief, his legal team has the facts on their side; however, time is not. In two weeks and one day, the Electoral College is set to vote on the winner of the 2020 presidential election. As more and more states certify their results for Biden, time is gradually dwindling away for the Trump legal team to make its case.

This is a grim reality that President Trump himself pointed out. The president informed media reporters that getting the “apparatus moving” in a quick manner will certainly make a difference. Trump also dismissed questionable claims which assert that Joe Biden won 80 million votes in the presidential race.

If the Electoral College Votes for Biden

While speaking with the press last week, the president stated that he’ll depart from the White House if the Electoral College selects Biden as the election winner.

This gives the Trump legal team barely over two weeks to make their cases in the courts. As the president warns that time is of the essence, some conservatives (such as Rush Limbaugh) are starting to criticize the Trump legal team.

Last week, Limbaugh slammed the president’s legal representatives for not delivering the “bombshells” they promised during a press conference that lasted over sixty minutes.

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