Top Biden Official Gets Humiliated at Harvard Graduation Ceremony

Graduation from college is a big deal; the graduation ceremony means a lot to those who’ve put in the work to get their degree.

Harvard College recently held its graduation ceremony; as one of the leading Ivy League institutions, they had a fairly big name commencement speaker.

Specifically, they had Attorney General Merrick Garland. As one of the leading members of the Biden administration, Garland got up there to give students an earful of liberal arrogance.

Though it didn’t go quite how he planned.

Bye, Bye Mr. Garland

Not everyone at Harvard is a liberal, believe it or not.

After all, even Ben Shapiro went there. At this commencement speech, Garland was going on about January 6 and how precious democracy is being threatened by conservatives.

One of those in the crowd of graduates was psychology graduate Emma Heussner, who was getting more and more uncomfortable as she listened to Garland talk.

So, she did what anyone has a right to do when they’ve had enough; she stood up and walked out.

Posting a video right after walking out, Heussner, who also works running the Daily Caller’s social media, said she was tired of listening to Garland “talk about himself” for half an hour and decided to simply leave.

Garland’s Grandstanding

Garland fits right in with the Biden administration. He’s all talk, no action, and is a self-righteous liberal of the most incompetent kind.

Far too many college commencements at liberal institutions have become vehicles for state leftists to repeat woke doctrine to the pliant cult members in front of them.

Though Heussner wasn’t buying it. As she said, Garland’s speech wasn’t only boring, it was also highly offensive. He kept going on about how “awful” America is right now because of the right and the America First movement.

He also claimed the usual lies about the right, such as they are trying to prevent minorities from voting and trying to steal elections via gerrymandering and making them less secure. Perhaps Garland got the right confused with the left.

He kept telling students they needed to do more to fix it as well, which Heussner found pathetic. Garland currently has far more power than any of them and should try to fix it himself with his massive influence and jurisdiction.

Yet, no, Garland was just up there to flex his muscles and grandstand about what a great guy he is and how everyone should be a liberal Democrat.

The Bottom Line

Heussner said she’s gotten a lot of hate for walking out, but also a fair amount of support. At the end of the day, she can look in the mirror and know she has personal integrity, even if nobody supported her.

Standing up for what’s right is always right. Doing and saying what’s wrong is always wrong. It’s very simple, actually.