Top Biden Official Wanted on Additional Serious Charges

Big surprise: another member of Joe Biden’s Democrats has fallen from grace. This really begs the question: what kind of people does the Biden administration employ?

Bad News for Biden Administration

In Las Vegas, a criminal arrest warrant was sent out for Biden official Sam Brinton.

Brinton, who utilizes they/them pronouns and identifies as “non-binary,” has become very popular as a deputy assistant secretary at the Office of Nuclear Energy, due to their preferences.

Brinton is suspected of taking bags at Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport. The warrant contains an accusation of grand theft from $1,200 to $5,000.

Bad News For Brinton

This is the deputy secretary’s second accusation of this nature.

Brinton was criminally charged in November after being apprehended for taking fancy bags from the Minneapolis airport. Brinton was seen on security footage moving the luggage’s owner-identifying ID tag off of the bag, according to the court documents.

A Vera Bradley bag worth $2,325 was reported stolen from the baggage claim section at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16, court filings indicate.

Subsequently, they were photographed utilizing the Vera Bradley bag at least twice when going to Washington, DC on September 18 and October 9, according to authorities.

One may argue this was accidental, as bags being mixed up in baggage claim is a fairly common occurrence; however, this was no mistake.

It has been reported that not only did Brinton steal the bag, they also took the bag to their hotel, unpacked the bag, stored its contents in the hotel cupboards and drawers, then proceeded to utilize the bag for about a month afterward.

Brinton hadn’t even checked in luggage that day, which stands to reason that he had no other cause to be in the baggage claim area, unless he was looking for an expensive bag to steal.

Brinton Lies

Brinton claims they got scared when they realized they had taken the incorrect bag and therefore choose not to come forward.

Given the evidence, this pathetic lie does not hold up. It definitely does not make Brinton look any better; surely just fessing up and admitting wrongdoing is the better route to go than telling a baseless lie.

Although we have gotten used to Democrats lying; so this behavior is, unfortunately, expected. After learning of the Minneapolis charges, the Office of Nuclear Energy has since placed Brinton on leave.

The news of Brinton’s outstanding criminal warrant comes during the same week as the announcement of an ethics investigation being launched into Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While details of the investigation into Ocasio-Cortez’s ethics have not been disclosed, many believe it is about the fact she attended the Met Gala, wearing an expensive gown that said “tax the rich.”

Questions about how the congresswoman was able to afford the tickets and gown have been raised, as she is known for complaining about her low income.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.