Top Democrat Bids Goodbye to the Party, Calling Them ‘Woke Warmongers’

The Democrat Party is facing an uphill battle in next month’s midterm elections.

It’s also facing an internal revolt. Not every Democrat is on board with the party’s new woke, twisted ideology and its support for endless war and globalism.

One of those is former presidential candidate and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. She recently announced that she’s leaving the Democrat Party and won’t be back.

Tulsi Tells the Dems To Shove It

Tweeting out a video on Tuesday, Tulsi said she’s sick of the “woke warmongers” leading the Democrat Party and she’s leaving.

She said she got into politics after becoming involved in environmentalism in Hawaii in her younger years. Tulsi was elected to the Hawaii statehouse at only 21 years old in 2002.

She said picked the Democrats at that time because she felt they were more pro-environment and pro-worker at that time. She also supported their opposition to the growing war fever gripping the country at the time.

She says that’s no longer the case; the Democrat Party of today is built on dividing America and spreading “anti-white racism” and hate as much as possible.

Tulsi said the “elitist cabal” running the Democrats hate religious people and want “open borders,” while also using the power of federal agencies to hunt down their political enemies.

She also said the Democrats are mindlessly marching the country toward nuclear war with Russia without sufficiently looking for an off-ramp from the escalating conflict in Ukraine.

She also pulled no punches in saying today’s Democrat Party hates our Constitution and has no respect for it.

Tulsi’s Record of Service

Unlike the vast majority of members of Congress and presidential candidates, Tulsi isn’t just talk about her patriotism. She served in the Army National Guard, in Iraq from 2004 to 2005, and in Kuwait in 2008/2009 leading a platoon.

In the primary running for president in 2020, Tulsi pointed out the hypocrisy and absurdity of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two establishment-backed candidates who are now occupying the White House.

Tulsi’s positions on Syria and Russia are off course, in my view. However, she does have a right to call herself a patriot. She also clearly has more intelligence in her little finger than Kamala Harris has ever had in her life.

This woman is a badass American patriot; her leaving of the Democrat Party can be the start of a tidal wave.

Tulsi, Kingmaker?

Tulsi retired from the House of Representatives last year. She’s now an Independent and could well be a spoiler candidate in this election cycle, with a significant say on who gets into the White House in 2024.

The Democrats were dead wrong to disrespect and humiliate her in the way they did in the last election cycle; now, they’re reaping the consequences.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.