Top Putin Ally’s Daughter Killed in Vicious Targeted Hit in Russia

Russian philosopher and geopolitical analyst Aleksandr Dugin has been a big influence on Vladimir Putin.

Dugin is one of Putin’s top idea guys. He not only supports Putin, but wants his ideology to become even stricter and more aggressive.

Now, a shocking attack has taken Dugin’s 29-year-old daughter from him. Here’s what happened…

Darya Dugina Assassinated in Brazen Hit

Dugin’s daughter and he had both been attending a conference on the outskirts of Moscow. He gave a speech there at the former property that was once a place frequented by the likes of famed Russian playwriter Alexander Pushkin.

Dugin and his daughter were both heading home to Moscow Saturday night, but at the last minute, the philosopher’s plans changed. He said goodbye to Darya and she got in the car to drive home.

While on the way home, the vehicle she was in exploded into flames near a small village. It appeared that a bomb had been affixed to the car in some way.

Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia on February 24, says it has nothing to do with the attack. They say that they are not the kind of “terrorists” or “criminals” who would do something this savage.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said any nation responsible for this has engaged in “state terrorism.”

This is factually correct. Whether or not this attack was intended to target Darya, it spreads fear and terror in order to make a political push against Russia and thus is a terror attack.

Darya’s Death Rocks Russia

News of Darya’s death has surprised and infuriated many in Russia, especially those in the inner circles of pro-Putin politics. Some, such as the leader of the Donestk separatist region in eastern Ukraine, are already blaming Ukraine and its pro-Western leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Donetsk leader called Ukraine “vile” and said they are terrorists responsible for killing an honorable Russian patriot such as Darya.

Other experts speculated this could be an internal hit and part of the kind of jockeying for power and false flag attacks that characterize a lot of Russia’s recent (and older) history.

While Dugin has helped shape and define Putin’s nationalist ideology, he’s far from Putin’s only ally. Nonetheless, this clearly serves as a hit at the inner circle of the Russian leader, targeting Darya herself who was a strong Putin supporter and a well-known journalist.

She herself was becoming more involved in politics. Some have speculated she was the intended target, but considering Dugin was intended to be in the same car, it’s likely that father and daughter were both the intended victims of this hit.

Part of a Pattern?

There have been a series of attacks of late, including explosions all along the Ukraine-Russia border, sudden eruptions in Russian-occupied Crimea, and more.

By hitting Darya and making everybody feel unsafe, whoever is behind this attack wants every Russian to feel unsafe and threatened.

Dugin was already hit with sanctions in 2015 over supporting the annexation of Crimea; now, his daughter is gone.

This could definitely have unintended consequences, however, as a father’s pain in this situation knows no bounds.

You can be sure Dugin and his friends will want revenge on the last drop of blood after this attack.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.