Top Republican Makes SHOCKING Comments on January 6

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stated, if the happenings of January 6 had gone her way, Republicans would have won.

Greene Wrongly Supports Violence

On Saturday afternoon, Greene gave a talk to the New York Young Republican Club in New York City, where she criticized the Biden administration.

Greene accused the administration of being corrupt and reaffirmed her objection to aiding Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Later, she addressed the events of January 6.

She proceeded to make fun of the fact that both she and Steve Bannon were accused of coordinating the entire event, as well as allegations that she offered tours to Trump followers after they gained access to the building and subsequently took control.

Notably, Bannon was in the audience. Greene went on to say if she and Bannon had been in charge of organizing the event, it would have been a success and they would have been armed.

What Greene meant is open to interpretation, considering it was such a bizarre thing to say. One way of looking at it is that she meant the problem with the rioters is they were not adequately armed and weren’t organized.

Since the events of Jan 6, many Trump supporters, including Greene, have maintained the rioters were not armed and downplayed events.

According to the testimony of former Trump adviser Cassidy Hutchinson, the ex-president was aware his followers were equipped with weapons during his January 6 address. There are multiple cases of rioters carrying firearms as well as other weaponry during the happenings of that day.

Shocking Videos Uploaded

Witnesses uploaded video footage to Twitter of Greene’s other inflammatory comments at the gathering, notably her comments about President Joe Biden and the “communist agenda” of the Democrats.

This statement by Greene is not the first time she’s said something in support of political violence. In 2018 and in 2019, she is alleged to have expressed support for violence against elected Democratic officials and even liked a post about assassinating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Greene is also said to have believed that 9/11 and many school shootings have been hoaxes; she’s also allegedly harassed a survivor of a school shooting and targeted religious minorities.

During her speech on Saturday, while discussing the state of the nation, she brought up sex toys. Greene is apparently outraged by the availability of sex toys to the public at department stores as sees this as a “sign of the times.”

When it became obvious that her audience was not charmed by her choice of the topic matter, she quickly apologized. Who can blame them? It certainly seems hypocritical to show support for political violence and disdain for sex toys.

Maybe someone should suggest to Greene that she should focus on the real issues of the country.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.