‘Trans Babies’ Enemy’ is New Communist Line of Attack on DeSantis

Far-left extremists have come up with a ridiculous new line of attack against Florida’s popular GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

This comes after an LGBT rally descended upon the state capital in Tallahassee and proclaimed him an enemy of “transgender babies” – whatever the heck those might be.

Maddened by Bill to Stop ‘Transition’ Butchery of Children

The lunatics that have taken over the Democrat Party are all about pushing the limits of sanity. Yet, the notion of “transgender babies” appears to be too bonkers even for the traditionally nonsensical Democratic communists.

In any case, a procession rallied at the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee on Thursday to protest DeSantis’s overall anti-woke policies and some of their specifics. Protesters accused him of “erasing transgender babies,” The Daily Mail reported.

The LGBT rioters were particularly riled up over a state bill supported by the governor concerning medical care for “transgender children.” The care in question is a euphemism for horror surgeries, such as castration and dosing innocent youth with hormones and puberty blockers.

The anti-DeSantis, anti-normalcy rally was attended by members of organizations such as “Equality Florida,” who blasted the upcoming legislation as deepening the “attacks” on the state’s LGBT community.

The far-left rally reached the Florida Capitol while legislators inside were debating a bill called SB 254, which stipulates outlawing “sex reassignment” surgeries and treatments for minors.

The pro-transgender crowd featured drag queens with banners claiming Florida was not a free state, since its government banned “drag shows.” This isn’t even technically true, as regulations refer to the presence of children at such “performances.”

At the same time, the leftist demonstrators chanted slogans demanding that Florida’s governor “has got to go” and the state Capitol was “[their] house.”

DeSantis Committing ‘Trans Genocide’ Now

The report notes that the bill to ban sex change procedures on minors in Florida isn’t technically sponsored by DeSantis himself. However, that does not mean the Republican governor isn’t supporting the new draft legislation wholeheartedly.

The insane accusation that DeSantis and the Republicans are “erasing trans babies” came from a local Democrat, state Rep. Anna Eskamani, 32, who spoke before the far-left crowd.

Eskamani, who is of Iranian origin, claimed that trans people were all about “access to gender-affirming care,” and if that’s gone, they would theoretically be no more, too. The radical Democrat went even further in her anti-normalcy, anti-Republican, and anti-DeSantis fervor.

She declared Florida’s governor was eager to “commit genocide on trans people,” a declaration that the modest, but raucous, crowd met with applause and whoops.

The leftist rally was particularly angry, as the Republican supermajorities in both chambers of Florida’s legislature guarantee the passage of the bill. This means banning the butchery of children done in order to “transition” them.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.