Trans Cheer Team Member Strangles a Squad Member

"Cheerleaders" by Rafael Castillo

If 90s movie stereotypes still hold true to this day, cheerleading often leads to drama of incomprehensible proportions. Once you add the trans community into the mix, things are likely to get out of hand quickly.

Texas Ranger College’s cheer squad is definitely no exception to this rule. During one of their recent training sessions, a trans cheerleader felt the urge to end a team member’s life by choking them out.

“R0013191” by Paul Barker Hemings

So much for being “peaceful”

Fortunately for the rest of the team, the member in question, Averie Chanel Medlock, was kicked off the team immediately.

Given Medlock’s actual biological gender, many would argue he wasn’t supposed to be on the team, to begin with.

Not long after the criminal act, the police arrived on the scene, where they took statements from all of the team members present.

Medlock claimed the rest of the squad were making racist, transphobic remarks at him and he simply did “what had to be done.”

However, it seems none of the members of the team did or said anything that wasn’t true, given that Medlock was provoked by being called a “man with a penis,” which he most certainly is.

Considering the physical advantage he has over the rest of the girls on the team, his being agitated certainly puts them in danger.

Parents were notified of the event, with the victim’s father claiming regardless of the fact Medlock claims to be a woman, he’s still got testosterone and male genitalia. The father then said he won’t hesitate to harm anyone who hurts his daughter.

Nobody’s laughing

CCTV footage shows Averie strangling his teammate Karleigh until she blacked out. Once the police and Karleigh’s parents were involved, Averie’s narrative took a sharp turn, this time claiming it was nothing more than a joke.

Fortunately, neither law enforcement nor anyone else involved found anything about choking a girl out funny. A criminal assault citation was issued against Medlock, which prompted the standard “it’s because I’m trans” response from the culprit.

Regardless of what Medlock may believe is right or wrong, facts don’t care about your feelings. The available footage clearly shows him trying to physically harm a female teammate for stating the obvious.

Sadly, we live in a time when the trans community can be above the law and just about anything related to common sense.

Ranger College stated they’ll be opening a Title IX investigation into the incident, assuring that they won’t stand for discrimination on their campus.

The gender identity movement has spiraled out of control, evident by the fact that people like Averie, who not too long ago would be diagnosed with a mental illness, are allowed to get away with such heinous acts on account of none other than redacted disability.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.