Trans Woman Allowed to Play Cricket Against 12-Year-Old Girls!

Cricket coaches and even parents in the UK are facing a major dilemma. A middle-aged trans woman was allowed to compete in the same league as 12-year-old girls, causing a huge imbalance in the teams.

The issue lies in the fact that speaking up against this sort of stuff practically ensures the woke mob will be after them in a matter of seconds, but some have pushed on regardless, knowing their children deserve better.

What happened to fairness and sportsmanship?

More than a few letters were sent to the England and Wales cricket board.

Each demanded the man, who chose to identify as a woman, be removed from the league, for a number of reasons, the number one being he’s literally a biological male.

In fact, the transwoman on the team has already caused a number of injuries. One of the coaches stated no one has ever been able to hit the ball at that velocity in the 12-year-old league.

One of the umpires has been forced to stop playing; whereas another one of the girls on the team lost her ability to play for months on end.

The situation is alarming and more importantly unacceptable. It mirrors a similar issue that happened here in the US, when Lia Thomas went on to break several records in the 500-yard freestyle division, all of it thanks to Thomas being a biological male.

One of the parents is even concerned their child might completely lose interest in the sport out of the fear of facing the middle-aged man playing in their league.

Inclusivity needs a redefining

Six counties of the game have already scheduled their meetings with the ECB in order for the organization to be completely transparent about their trans-inclusive policies, which currently allow biological males to participate in any female-only competitions.

Unfortunately, the ECB seems to have already been fed loads of trans propaganda. They claim that inclusivity for trans persons is a complex issue and one’s eligibility for cricket is based on self-identified gender, rather than a doctor’s diagnosis.

Even though they stated they will be in contact with the UK Sports Council’s Equality Group, it’s safe to say no changes will be made, going in line with how other sports handled the same situation.

Women’s sports and overall identities have been in danger ever since the trans movement started gaining traction. The past couple of years have outlined exactly how damaging this approach to equality can really be.

The idea that a biological male should be allowed to play against biological women solely off of them claiming to be a woman is preposterous. It could end up driving thousands of women away from the sports they enjoy.

The only real way to tackle this issue is to create a separate, trans league for these individuals, which would allow them to compete without imposing on someone else’s success.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.